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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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The winds of bad and good coming in end times (08/10/2008)
From: Lorayne Wernecke

As I read and study His word each day, He is telling me to write His words.

The hard times we have been seeing in the past months are just a small example of what is to come in the next months and years.

The floods of August that took so many homes and property and just washed it away, the target deaths caused by washouts, and the loss of so much property in the overnight storm. These are certainly very hard things to just pass off as small examples, and are big things to repair and bring back to normal living again for those who experienced them.

Through all this these people are doing this big job only by their true faith in God and knowing that by His great and wonderful love for them they will come through this sad time in their lives.

The small towns and parts of other towns are slowly coming back again. Showing their great and true trust in Him and willing to try again.

The terrible fires in California that are destroying millions of acres of woodlands that will take many years to regrow again are so sad to watch on TV and hear about in the news. But to live through it is even much worse. The loss of all the homes is a heartbreaking experience. Where will they find a place to live while they try to settle on what to do next? When there are children, it makes it even harder to try to keep a family together. Some say, “Oh yes, we will rebuild right here, this is our home. And with God’s help we will make it again.” May the Lord bless them and give them the strength they need.

Along with that, some of the fresh produce has been found to be dangerous with the problem of making people sick when they eat it. Not knowing what has made it that way, a lot of it had to be destroyed to protect the people from getting very sick, and some have even died. There again, by trusting in His guidance they have come through this problem.

Now all these things can make you wonder how it can be harder than it already is, and only God knows the answer to this. They can only trust in Him and depend on His great wisdom and knowledge to carry them through. Any and all tragedies to come will need to be brought before our Heavenly Father for His guidance, help, and correction. Also for further direction. As to how our large or small problems can be taken care of - only He can give us the right answers. We will need to go on with our lives.

So be sure you know Him personally by being fully in His hands and His strong armies when those trying times come, trusting Him completely by asking for His forgiveness for our sins in thoughts, words and deeds, also for eternal life always with Him, and for Him to come dwell in our hearts and control our lives according to His plans for us.

Now we need to remember He said there would also be good winds. There certainly have been, with gently falling rains. For a while it seemed as if it was hard for the farmers to get the crops in the ground because of the wet fields. Now they are well into the growing season and some already being cut and harvested. The wonderful small of fresh cut alfalfa left to dry and baled or chopped for winter feed for the cows and other stock. Then soon the corn will be ready to be chopped for silage, or left to finish growing to the right stage for being stored in the big drying cribs, also for feeding through the winter months, or to be sold for cash crops.

These are the warm, beautiful winds of fall. Along with the long hard work of getting all the harvest, God has provided for the farmers endless days of work in the spring and through the summer heat to make sure there is enough feed for the winter and into the next spring.

Now for the folks who are not farmers, this is vacation time. Not just a leisure time at home. They may travel through our beautiful country to other cities, see relatives, and how other people live and enjoy their good lives. We are so blessed to live in this great country and be able to enjoy the many parts of it and see what the Good Lord has provided for all of us.

My hope and wish is that all of us know just how to praise God for each and every blessing he has given us each day of our lives.



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