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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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A Matter of Faith (08/24/2008)
God is an outcast?

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Why would a city council vote to give someone his marching orders from a city if this person is a model resident of the community? Would it make any sense to boot out someone who is always unquestionably honest and helpful in the affairs of a city? Would it make any sense to censure a citizen who has proven himself to be beyond reproach, who has done nothing wrong, who is setting an exemplary example for the rest of the citizens of the city? Surely such a person wouldn’t be considered an outcast.

Why would a city try to silence the voice of someone who always recommends the wisest counsel, whose most outstanding advice is never proven to be wrong, whose steadfastness is enduring? Why would the townspeople of any city call someone an outcast who truly cared about everyone in the community? Would it be good policy to deny such a person the right to live in any city? Do we all sound the same if we are of one accord? No, it would be moronic and vile not to allow residency to a fine, right-minded individual.

What good could be accomplished by forcing a stellar person from town, from contributing to the welfare of everyone in the community? Why would anyone think that it is absolutely necessary for extreme measures to be taken against a model citizen? In what way would the getting-rid-of ideal members of a community make the city a better place in which to live? It would make sense to kick out of town those who are corrupt, those who are of the opposite nature.

How could a city be better off by booting out of a city a person who is (1) Law-abiding, (2) A model member of the community, (3) A loyal worker (contributor) within the community, (4) Concerned about the welfare of those within the community, (5) Dedicated to meeting all the needs of the community, (6) Determined to do some good for the community, (7) Resourceful, (8) Willing to donate some of his time and expertise to the improvement of the city, (9) Ethical, (10) Loving, an (11) Graced with the attributes that everyone should imitate, etc.? No, it would not be wise to force someone from a city who is just trying to please his Savior in his walk of life. Philippians 2:5 I Peter 2:21 I John 2:6

Is any city, state or country going to be better off by allowing overbearing, badgering, intimidating ruffians to have their vile way? What is apt to happen if good folks are forced to leave a city? What kind of folks will be left? Is goodness going to continue to thrive in the city or will lawlessness take goodness’s place, will rampant upheaval prevail?

We might think that a good person would never be forbidden from residing in any city, would never be thought of as an outcast, but we would be dead wrong. Kicking a good person out of any city, state or country would be a very bad decision. However a far worse decree has been voiced. There is an evil gang that wants to kick God out of our cities, states and country.

This is inconceivable wickedness! This is vileness at its worst, yet there are those adversaries of goodness who are fiendishly trying to achieve (?) this hellish end. How utterly foolish (eternal damnation awaits this gang) and God dishonoring for them to say that God is an outcast.

Ponder Isaiah 5:20 Matthew 18:7 Proverbs 17:15 Psalm 19:7-11



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