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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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The Bowling Report (10/05/2008)

Bob Kosidowski dropped off his annual Winona Bowling Association final averages and record book at my house the other day.

As I was thumbing through the rather thick book, I got to the end where all the menís state team records are kept. I know over the years that Winona teams have put up some impressive scores. But how well do those scores stack up with the best of the best from the state of Minnesota?

Winona just happens to have a team that has turned in the second-highest team game ever in the state, as well as three of the top 29 menís series of all-time.

Just under four years ago (Jan. 6, 2005), the Coldwell Banker team from the Classic League at Westgate Bowl put up a 1,351 scratch game, which still ranks No. 2 in the state. The team consisted of Jeff Smelser (290 game), Russ Prenot (279), Tom Donnelly (266), Dave Hultgren (258) and Greg Fakler (258).

The highest team scratch game in the state belongs to Bell Manufacturing from Minnehaha Lanes in St. Paul. That team combined for a 1,381 score, which included games of 300, 300, 269, 267 and 245, on Feb. 4, 1999.

Coldwell Banker also made the top 30 list twice for menís scratch series. On March 16, 2000, the team of Mike Gorden (781), Prenot (777), Jerry Kouba (741), Hultgren (729) and Bob Prenot (688) fired a 3,716 series, which is No. 6 in the state.

The state record stands at 3,807 by the Breakpoint Pro Shop from Sartell. Their score included series of 808, 794, 761, 751 and 685.

The previously-mentioned Coldwell Banker team from 2005 holds the 12th highest series in the state with a 3,685. Hultgren led the way with a 793, Fakler shot 783, Smelser a 737, Donnelly a 716 and Russ Prenot a 656.

Thereís one other Winona team thatís also on the list. The New York Life team on April 8, 1994, finished with a 3,633 series, which ranks 29th overall. Members of that team included Mike Durnen (820), Steve Hawley (769), Bob Prenot (711), Erin McGuire (704) and Don McRae (628). That score was also tossed at Westgate.

There must have been something in the oil in 2004. The top four menís team series ever bowled in Minnesota were recorded between Jan. 12 and April 7 of that year.

Whoís hot?

Itís trivia question time: So far this year, who has rolled the most 700 series in Winona?

Hereís a hint Ė itís not a male bowler.

In the first month of the season, Krystal Dorman has been sizzling, to say the least. This past week included a 704 honor count on Wednesday night in the Lamplighter League and a 702 on Monday in the Spinners League Ė both a Winona Bowl. That gives Dorman four 700s this year. And heading into Thursday nightís league bowling, no male bowler in Winona had more than three 700s.

Itís been more than two weeks since Dormanís thrown a score under 625.

The American League at Westgate Bowl was the league for big scores this week. Greg Schewe led the way with a 782 series, which is the top menís score of the year. He was followed closely by Josh Wenzel (775), Nick Neilman (762), Jeff Smelser (757), Geoff Schewe (737) and Tim Peterson (722).

Brian Fakler rolled his first two 700s of the season at Winona Bowl in the past week with a 727 and 702. Greg Schewe (700) and Smelser (702) joined Fakler with multiple honor counts.

Rounding out the 700s for the week were Seth Bonow (739), Wes Palokangas (729), Scott Ellinghuysen (725), Erik Thompson (709) and Darrin Aarre (703).

One of Dormanís Monday night teammates, Kassi Kluzik, fired her top score of the season with a 654 series. Dawn Bronk added a 743 series in the Spinners League.

Diane Marley (637), Mandi Steffes (634) and Laurie Wiseman (626) also rolled 600s.



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