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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Goodview City Council Minutes (11/02/2008)
City of Goodview City Council Minutes Special Meeting

October 27, 2008

The City Administrator told the Council the City received 13 bids on the Connaughty-Gunderson and Hub-Mill part of the 2008 Street and Utility Improvement Project. Mr. Matejka reviewed the total costs of both phases of the project and indicated the entire project will exceed the total grant funds available, but it is the recommendation of City administration to proceed with the entire project even with the shortage. Reasons being the majority of all residents and businesses which will benefit from the project was flooded, and deserves the availability of the services. He also pointed out on past City projects it has been City practice to cover the costs of lift stations, of which there will be two in this part of the project. To help the City pay this part of the project, he indicated there are sufficient funds available in the Sewer Fund to accomplish this. Plus the City will continue to explore other possible sources of funding. The Director of Public Works indicated the project will not include curb and gutter in the Connaughty-Gunderson sub-division due to street elevations. Mr. Bill Trygstad, the City Engineer, reviewed the three alternative bids for the project, indicating the City will not pursue any of them due to cost. He went on to point out he had not yet completed a review of all 13 bids, but did complete the four lowest bids. It is his recommendation the Council approves the lowest bid from A-1 Excavating, Inc. of Bloomer, Wisconsin contingent on him not finding any problems with the final four bids yet to be reviewed. Councilmember Brinkman moved and Councilmember Andring seconded that RESOLUTION NO. 0809, A RESOLUTION ORDERING THE 2008 UTILITY AND STREET IMPROVEMENT PROJECT FOR THE HUB-MILL AND CONNAUGHTY-GUNDERSON SUB-DIVISIONS, ACCEPTING THE BIDS, AND AWARDING THE CONTRACT THEREFORE, be adopted contingent on the City Engineer’s review of the final four bids. All voted aye, and the Resolution was declared adopted.

City of Goodview City Council Minutes

ctober 20, 2008

The claims totaled $476,152.87 for the following operating funds:

General Fund $254,292.74

Revolving Projects Fund 173,250.54

2007 Utility & Street Imp.Fund 5,860.00

Water Service Fund 21,294.80

Sewer Service Fund 21,454.79

Also included was the official hiring of Police Officer 3, Mr. Travis Volkman. All voted aye and the motion carried.

Steve Baumgart noted that a fly-over is planned on November 1, 2008 at Winona State University to honor emergency service workers as well as the American Legion and VFW Club. All Winona County police, fire, ambulance, and EMS agencies have been invited to participate. An event is also planned at the American Legion Club for that evening. Councilmember Ledebuhr thanked Mayor Weimerskirch for attending an event to welcome Elks members that were in town for the Minnesota State Elks Convention on Friday, October 17th.

Councilmember Bowman asked if the Police Department building is handicapped accessible in accordance with the American Disabilities Act. Greg Volkart, Director of Public Works, indicated that concrete work in front of the building scheduled for 2009 will address the issue. The Fire Hall is already in compliance with the law. Bowman questioned whether the issue of an odor in the water reported by Mr. Rick Bambenek had been resolved. Volkart indicated that Aaron Lofgren has been asked to check on it. Ledebuhr noted that he received a complaint regarding discolored water from a resident on 7th Street and he had also noticed the problem at his own residence; however, the problem resolved itself after a day and the water cleared up.

Councilmember Brinkman thanked Aaron Lofgren for compiling a list of fire hydrants in the City of Goodview. The list will be turned over to the Fire Department and residents who live near the hydrants will be asked to help keep them cleared of snow. Brinkman also indicated he, Mayor Weimerskirch, and Police Chief Kent Russell attended a Winona Unified meeting Wednesday evening. The focus of the meeting was to discuss APAC (All Parks Alliance for Change) which addressed the needs of manufactured home communities.

Councilmember Andring requested an update on the filter plants and the Saehler construction projects. Volkart indicated the block-layers are working in the WE Valley plant and that the footings are being poured for the filter plant located by the Evans Pavilion. The Saehler Addition project is progressing. Water and sewer mains are in place except for the ones located along Birch Echo Road and Sunrise Drive. Mr. Volkart indicated that the residents who are in immediate need of water and sewer services will be able to hook up to City services in November.

The Building Permit Summary Report for September 2008 was reviewed and noted by the Council.

Rick Bambenek of the Woodhaven I Estates sub-division complained of smelly water. Greg Volkart indicated the City will come out and check on it.

Mayor Weimerskirch swore in Deputy Police Chief Kent Russell as the new Chief of Police for the City of Goodview. Chief Russell has been a patrol officer for the City for 19 years. Within those 19 years, he also has served as canine unit commander for the past 17 years, and Deputy Chief for the last 13 years.

Councilmember Ledebuhr questioned the e-mails he and the other Councilmembers received from Mary McMillan of the Lake Village trailer park concerning the issue of railroad train engines idling for an extended period of time. Former Police Chief LaVern Hauschildt pointed out he believes there were as many as three engines idling at one time shortly after the train derailment that occurred along County Road 23. These e-mails were not sent to any City staff, just members of the City Council. The Councilmember also mentioned he received an anonymous phone call concerning excess litter around The Bar. The other Councilmembers all indicated they received the same call. The City Administrator informed the Council he has already talked to City staff about it, and the City is in the process of talking to the establishment’s manager. The Mayor Weimerskirch informed the Council he has directed City staff to return the rental payment the City received from the Winona Elks Lodge for rental of the Evans pavilion at Goodview Park. The Mayor said it is a good faith gesture to thank the Elks for all the times the City has used their facility and has not been charged.

Police Chief Russell introduced Mr. Travis Volkman as the City’s new Patrol Officer 3. Officer Volkman officially started October 4, 2008.

Ledebuhr asked what sort of timeline the City has for the outlet of Lake Goodview project. Greg Volkart replied no work probably will be done yet this fall, but the idea is to have some plans completed by the end of the month to review. The City hired a different engineering firm to handle the project due to the urgency of completing the project in a timely fashion. The other part of this grant is the work in the Minnesota City area, and Councilmember Bowman asked if Minnesota City is aware of what the City is looking at doing in their area. The City Administrator pointed out there has been conversations with the Minnesota City Mayor, basically through the engineer handling the project as she is also the city engineer for Minnesota City. Councilmember Andring questioned how phase one is going on the Saehler-Anderson project, of which he was told all is running smooth and there are no concerns at this time. Mayor Weimerskirch informed the Council he wrote a letter to both Senator Steve Murphy and Representative Steve Drazkowski explaining the City’s position to support efforts by Minnesota City to be able to use the grant funds they received from the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority for individual septic systems, and not a city-owned system. This came out of a meeting held in late September with the Minnesota City council attended by not only representatives from the City of Goodview, but also from the City of Winona. The City Council reviewed the 2008 budget update through July 31, 2008. This included all funds except the Debt Service Fund.

The notice from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) concerning increased water permit fees was reviewed. The Director of Public Works pointed out the legislature has given the MPCA the authority to fund themselves with user fees such as these. These fees will indirectly affect us by the charges the City of Winona assesses on the City for their water treatment plants.

Director of Public Works Greg Volkart reviewed the draft of the contract with T-Mobile to install cell phone antennas on the City’s water tower. He pointed out the City is still waiting for an engineer’s report on the stress the antennas will put on the water tower structure itself. He recommended approving the contract contingent on a favorable engineer’s report.

The Mayor asked the Council to consider revising its meeting schedule from two meetings per month to one. This would only be for the months of January through March of 2009. He believes these months are slower months, and may not warrant meeting twice. Both Councilmembers Bowman and Brinkman voiced their concerns about the idea, stating that communication with the public is of the utmost importance and the City should continue the present schedule to continue promoting open communication. Sensing the desire to keep the status quo, the issue was dropped.

Public hearing

Mayor Weimerskirch noted that a public hearing will be held on Monday, November 3, 2008 for the zoning ordinance for the newly annexed areas of Goodview. Mr. Volkart noted that the area was previously zoned by the County as UR (Urban Residential) which equates to our D-1 (Single Family Dwelling) zoning and therefore the City is proposing to zone the entire area as D-1. This would mean a conditional use permit would be required for any resident planning to run a business in that area. City staff will mail a notice of the Public Hearing to all residents in that area.

Weimerskirch noted the resignation letter from Susan Loftness-Brown. Chief Russell indicated that Ms. Loftness-Brown will continue to work for the Department doing data entry two hours each day until a replacement is hired and will also help train the new employee. Applications for the position will be accepted through October 22nd. Mayor Weimerskirch thanked Ms. Loftness-Brown for six years of dedicated service. Councilmember Bowman suggested that perhaps consideration should be given to making the position full-time. Mayor Weimerskirch replied that the position is part-time and Police Chief Russell would need to request that the position become full-time before the Council would consider it.

Mayor Weimerskirch noted the thank you letter received from Garvin Brook Disaster Relief Fund and stated they are an active group and do good work. He announced that City Administrator Dan Matejka will be attending the Minnesota Recovers Task Force After Action Review on October 29th.

Ledebuhr inquired about the City’s policy of paying for continuing education for employees, specifically water and sewer licensing. Mr. Volkart responded that three employees currently have “C” water licenses and the City pays for the required continuing education for those licenses and the “SC” sewer collection licenses. Mayor Weimerskirch noted that the City does not have a program for college reimbursement but money is budgeted for training that is directly applicable to an employee’s job duties.

Ledebuhr moved and Bowman seconded to approve Pay Estimate #1for the 2008 Utility and Street Improvements: Saehler-Anderson Subdivisions for $148,498.68. All voted aye, motion carried.



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