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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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The Bowling Report (11/02/2008)
by Jim Kohner

Julie Moldenhauer doesn’t consider herself one of the elite female bowlers in Winona.

In her mind, the likes of Krystal Dorman, Mandi Steffes, Keri Prigge, Diane Marley and even her mom, Keri Wegman, are on a different level.

“I don’t think of myself as a Krystal Dorman or Mandi Steffes,” Moldenhauer said. “Why? I don’t know. To me, they are very good bowlers. My scores show I am, but I don’t have the ego or the bowling confidence. I keep asking myself if I’ll be asked back for the Challenge.

“To me, my mom’s a better bowler than I am. We’re probably equal now, or maybe I’m a little better now that she has the bad shoulder.”

By looking at her recent scores, Moldenhauer may have to re-evaluate her own talent. Two weeks ago, she tossed her first 700 series of the year with a 729 in the Alley Gaters League at Westgate Bowl.

That was just a warm-up to Monday night, when she rolled games of 257, 258 and 245 for a 760 national honor count, which is the highest women’s score so far this season.

Moldenhauer has thrown six honor counts in the Alley Gaters League, where she’s averaging 210.

“Specifically, I don’t know what it is,” she said of her recent hot streak. “I hit my spot and the ball goes right in there. I’ve been having a little back trouble lately, but obviously I’ve had no pain those two nights.

“The lanes have actually been very consistent. If they do break down, I move up or back a little on the approach. They haven’t been breaking down too much where I have to adjust that much. I still have to slow myself down every once in a while.”

Moldenhauer had one other hot streak like this about a year and a half ago. On March 26, 2007, she became just the fifth woman bowler in Winona to toss a 300 game. That led the way to a 772 series, which is still the seventh highest series ever rolled in Winona.

She averaged 202 for the 2006-07 season and was still at a solid 199 last year.

Considering she bowls just one night a week, plus every other Saturday in a mixed couples league at LA Lanes in Lewiston, those are impressive numbers.

The two big series came at a great time for Moldenhauer, who recently put herself in a mail-in 700 Club tournament. Both her 700s should score very well in the event.

“I wanted to score special for that tournament,” she said. “I was really excited about the 729, then going to a 760 was more exciting. It’s been nothing special, nothing new the last couple weeks. I hope I can do it again Monday.”

Who’s hot?

Turning in honor counts in Thursday night’s Geoff Gardner Classic League at Westgate Bowl, where PBA oiling patterns are used, hasn’t been an easy accomplishment the last two years.

Last Thursday, Seth Bonow rolled the top series in the league so far this season when he nailed a 758 series, which was also the high men’s score of the week. And Bonow wasn’t the only one scoring big that night as Rich Galewski knocked down a 717 honor count.

Bonow also fired a 707 series Friday night in the Legion League at Winona Bowl to join Brian Fakler (726, 725) with a pair of honor counts for the week.

Other men to roll 700s were Brandon Verbout (743), Joe Braatz (736), Dave Hultgren (733), Ryan Bell (718), Nick Heilman (715), Robbie Waldera (713), Dave Stutzka (711), Aaron Shiroma (711), John Glowczewski (702) and Bob Jandt (702).

Laurie Wiseman tallied a season-high 682 honor count Monday night in the Pin Topplers League at Westgate. Lindsay Serwa rolled a 669 series in the same league.

Also breaking 650 for the gals were Keri Prigge with a 659, Krystal Beech with a 658, Sue Buermann with a 653 and Krystal Dorman with a 651. Dorman also had scores of 633 and 627 for the week.

Kim Kubis (637, 618) and Angie Booher (623, 617) joined Dorman with multiple honor counts. Rounding out the women’s 600s for the week were Krista Peterson (623), Diane Marley (617), Dawn Bronk (609) and Jenny Glowczewski (607).



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