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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Goodview City Council Minutes (12/21/2008)

December 1, 2008

Councilmember Bowman asked for an update on the hunting/firearms issue brought to the council at the last meeting. The City Administrator informed the council it is his plan to bring something to the Council at the December 15, 2008 meeting. The Mayor asked the Police Chief if his office has heard any more complaints on the topic, of which he was told no. Councilmember Brinkman inquired if anything is happening in Lake Village addressing the residents’ concerns. Police Chief Russell said it is his understanding there is an on-site manager now for the mobile home park. The Chief was also asked for an update on the parking issues around Winona Lighting. He indicated he did meet with representatives from the company, and they are well aware of the issue and are still working on remedies for the problem.

At 5:05 p.m., the Mayor suspended the regular meeting and opened the public hearing to consider conditional use permits to allow Flags & Poles International, Lyle’s Flooring America, and Master’s Touch Salon to continue operating even though they are located in a D-1 Single Family Dwelling District. The Mayor described the situation, and asked if anyone had any objections to the request, of which there were none – including from the Council. Councilmember Bowman moved and Councilmember Brinkman seconded to approve the conditional use permits for all three businesses. All voted aye, motion carried.

The Mayor closed the public hearing on the conditional use permit requests at 5:07, and immediately opened the public hearing on the 2009 proposed budget and property tax levy.

City Administrator Matejka reviewed the third draft of the 2009 expenditure and revenue budgets for both the General and Debt Service funds. He specifically highlighted the changes in the proposed budgets from the second draft. Councilmember Bowman suggested the City Council forego the proposed increase in Councilmember stipends due to times being so tough economically. He went on to say he thinks it is not right to consider such an increase. There was consensus from the entire Council to agree with Councilmember Bowman, thus that section of the proposed budget will decrease approximately $2,000 with that $2,000 being added to the contingency line item of the budget. Dave Simon of 131 Cindy Drive asked why his taxes are proposed to increase dramatically even though his value decreased. City Administrator Dan Matejka informed him it was due to the Disaster Aid Credit each flooded property received on the Payable 2008 Property Taxes. This credit was given only for the one year of 2008, so the Payable 2009 taxes are basically returning the tax levels back to pre-flood amounts of 2007. There were no other questions or comments on the proposed budget and/or tax levy. Final action on the proposed tax levy will take place at the December 15, 2008 City Council meeting.

The Mayor closed the public hearing on the 2009 proposed budget and property tax levy, and re-opened the general meeting at 5:27 p.m.

The City Council reviewed the letter from HBC about the change in their channel line-up.

The Council reviewed the Maintenance Department on-call schedule for December, 2008.

The City Council reviewed the request from the Cedar Bay Townhome Association to reimburse the association $5,619.75 for sod work done in their sub-division this summer. Jerry Moen, representing the association, expressed to the council his group’s view that the sod replacement was needed because of the extended time it stayed under water – which eventually killed the sod. He continued by saying that the water stayed high due to the City conducting dewatering operations for the Woodhaven Estates street and utility improvement project which flowed into Lake Goodview. He went on to say the high water was directly attributable to both the flood and the dewatering, but did indicate it was more flood related than project related. Director of Public Works Greg Volkart provided the Council with a summary of water elevation levels of Lake Goodview during the time of dewatering. He pointed out the lake levels actually decreased during this time, a fact that pleasantly surprised city staff. The Mayor questioned the timing of the claim (September) versus when the work was actually done in May and June, indicating that if the city felt liable for the damage the city could have done the work itself and saved money. Mr. Moen though pointed out the association did request help from the City, of which they were told no. He also said the association only met in the spring, and then again in the fall, thus the reason for the late request. Mayor Weimerskirch clarified the city said no at the time, because they felt it was being asked as a favor, not as a potential liability - as this request is being viewed now. Due to the fact Mr. Moen indicated he felt the majority of the problem was due to the flood and not to the dewatering, Councilmember Andring expressed apprehension to honoring the request for the fear of setting a precedent. Councilmember Bowman stated he just doesn’t see the elevation levels that would justify the city consider the request, and for that fact he doesn’t see any liability of the city in the situation. Councilmember Brinkman moved and Councilmember Andring seconded to deny the entire request of $5,619.75 from the Cedar Bay Townhome Association. All voted aye, motion carried.

The Mayor reviewed the schedule of City Council meeting dates proposed by the City Administrator. There were no objections to the schedule.

Councilmember Bowman moved and Councilmember Brinkman seconded to approve the agreement with the City of Winona to provide transit services to the City of Goodview for the two year period from January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2010. All voted aye, motion carried.

Mr. Matejka reviewed the reasons and concepts behind the “on-call” policy he is proposing for the City’s Maintenance Department staff. He indicated this policy, which is only for the three veteran non-supervisory staff at this time, would be added to the City’s personnel handbook if passed. Councilmember Bowman stressed he truly believes this to be appropriate and needs to be done. Councilmember Brinkman pointed out it is like an insurance policy for keeping loyal hardworking employees. Councilmember Bowman moved and Councilmember Andring seconded to approve the Maintenance Department “on-call” policy as presented. All voted aye, motion carried.

Under the Other category of the agenda, the City Administrator informed the Council he has arranged to have Representative Drazkowski attend the Council meeting on December 15, 2008, and Senator Murphy to attend the first meeting in January, 2009. He is still waiting to hear back from Winona County Commissioner Dwayne Voegeli as to when he would be able to address the Council.



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