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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Goodview wants to know where radon money is (01/11/2009)
December, 2008 claims totaled $821,456.76 for the following operating funds:

General Fund $ 88,382.27

Revolving Projects Fund 642,384.10

2007 Utility & Street Impr. 20,000.00

Water Service Fund 56,370.13

Sewer Service Fund 14,320.26

A public hearing was held to consider adoption of the State Building Code. The Council was in consensus in supporting the adoption.

Winona County Commissioner Dwayne Voegeli and State Representative Steve Drazkowski discussed their respective budgets. Councilmember Bowman questioned the creation of MnSCU 15 years ago. What the State expected with one central office for all of the post-secondary institutions didnít happen, and now there are seven entities running these institutions. Councilmember Ledebuhr questioned why Goodview hasnít received any of the $3 million promised by the Federal Government for the radium removal projects. This has been something signed and sealed, but never delivered to the residents of Goodview. City Administrator Matejka offered suggestions to the legislature in the upcoming session, including: shifting LGA payments to monthly from semi-annually (similar to school districts), eliminating and/or reducing the Stateís share of funding for schools and have them shift funding back to local levies for education, and eliminating the law requiring levy limits - especially in light of potential future cuts to LGA and MVHC and make a decision on the status of 2009 LGA payments as early as possible in the session, preferably in the first few weeks, instead of waiting to end of the session in May to announce something that could have been announced in January. Councilmember Brinkman praised the Maintenance Department for snowplowing after the recent snows. Councilmember Andring said he received a few phone calls on loosened mailboxes due to the snowplows driving too fast. That is not the case, as the snow is too heavy and too much. The Mayor pointed out that all roads in the Saehler-Anderson sub-division didnít get crushed rock as planned, so there probably will be issues in the spring with muddy roads. This was due to the project being held up by another company not getting their part done in time.

Dan Matejka informed the Council the City will be able to start accepting credit and debit cards as a form of payment in January, 2009.

The 2009 budget and property tax levy was adopted.

Council directed City staff to (1) to look into the possibility of rezoning areas north of Theurer Boulevard, which are currently zoned Heavy Manufacturing, to Ag to allow hunting, and (2) re-write the Winona ordinance to Goodview desires. All of this should be completed by the end of May, 2009.

It was decided to advertise for quotes to perform the duties of the Cityís Building Inspector. Cleaning services with Dan Brommerich Maintenance Company was approved for 2009 with Councilmember Bowman, who said this is something the City could do in-house, voting against the motion.

Cleaning of the Police Department by Michelle Dungy was approved.

Pay Estimate #5 for the Water Treatment Facility Plant No. 1 & No. 2 Project for $720,233.81 was approved. Pay Estimate #3 for the 2008 Utility & Street Improvements: Saehler-Anderson sub-divisions Project for $200,889.76 was approved.

Pay Estimate #1 for the 2008-B Utility & Street Improvements: Gunderson Ė Hub Mill sub-divisions project for $279,870.47 was approved.

Mayor Weimerskirch thanked both Councilmembers Bowman and Brinkman for their dedicated service to the City of Goodview.



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