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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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American gun control for Mexico? (04/05/2009)
By John Edstrom

With liberals back in control of the White House and Congress, we can expect to see cherished elements of their agenda de-mothballed, recommissioned, and rolled out once again. Now, a new twist has been added to the old nostrum of gun control, with various pundits and administration figures touting that 90% of the guns in the arsenal of Mexican drug lords originate from the uncontrolled Yankee gun shops north of the border.

Last Friday, reporting for perhaps the worst of the you-lie-and-I’ll-swear-to-it liberal media, National Public Radio’s Jason Beaubien reported that despite Mexico’s extremely restrictive gun laws, the drug cartels were arming themselves with high-powered assault rifles from north of the border, which made it terribly difficult for the army and police to confront them. He cited a report in which a raid on the dope criminals netted a huge cache of assault weapons and submachine guns.

At this stage in the ongoing gun debate, a reporter who asserts that assault weapons and machine guns are available to the general public in gun shops is inexcusably ignorant, or more likely, a conscious liar. These weapons are by definition fully automatic and owning one without a special license from the federal government is a class three go-to-jail firearms felony.

A person can buy semi-auto civilian versions of these rifles, but they are not much different in function from guns which have been available to the public for nearly a century. They are chambered mainly for caliber .223 or 7.62x39 mm cartridges, neither of which are sufficiently powerful to hunt deer effectively.

Furthermore, the 90% figure bandied about has been exposed by FOX news as a fiction derived from the highly selective use of statistics. The actual percentage of U.S. guns recovered at crime sites by the Mexican government is closer to 17%. (Check FOX’s website for the analysis.) When confronted with this information, Attorney General Eric Holder said, “It almost doesn’t matter if it’s 60%, 70% or 90%.” It is worrisome in an A. G. to exhibit such a blasé attitude toward percentages which are by nature specific, and worse than disingenuous, considering that the figure of 90% is being used to make the argument that unrestricted U.S. gun shops are arming what is nearly a revolution in Mexico.

This news story, and the pols and pundits attempting to revivify the same old gun control arguments, nicely exposes the silliness of the gun control mentality. It asserts that a lack of gun control in the U.S. undermines the superior, more restrictive gun control in Mexico, which is idiotic. The world is full of cheap assault rifles, mainly the Russian designed AK-47, made mostly of low grade wood and cheap stamped parts, what a gunsmith friend of mine used to call pot metal. I would be surprised if the Chinese could not produce one for under $10 American. And the cartridges are sold in cases by the pound for pennies.

The drug lords are awash in cash. Why would they send people to American gun shops to buy the semi-auto version of the AK-47 at vastly inflated prices, when they can buy boatloads of them from virtually any place in the world. And they do, along with grenades, RPGs, and lots of other sophisticated armaments. For that matter, it is probably simpler for them to suborn Mexican soldiers and police, who will bring along the better made Colt M-16s.

It is one thing for our politicians and officials to acknowledge this country’s responsibility for Mexico’s problems in our appetite for illegal drugs; but to admit blame for arming the Mexican drug cartels out of our gun shops reveals such abject stupidity as to aid and abet our enemies around the world.




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