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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Political Correctness - Good? (05/24/2009)
From: David Foss


Where did the idea of PC come from? Did it come from a heart with righteous intentions or did it come from a heart with wicked intentions? Did it come from a person who wished to detract and divert from goodness...who wished to promote that which is perverse and contrary to that which is good? Absolutely! Only a perverter of goodness would say that PC has not brought about gross, perverse and corrupt changes in America.

The person who conceived this abomination (PC) from the pit of Hades did not have anything good in mind for America. His or her motive or intent was to chip away at that which is good in America. Again, it is irrefutable to say that PC has not brought about gross diversion from that which is good. PC is methodically and “brazenly” chipping away at more and more of that which is good in America. The evidence of the perversion from PC and its unfavorable effect on the American public is ever before us. Erroneously, there is always someone who is attacking and discrediting what which is good. There seems to be a growing number of “obsessed” and “crafty” accomplices (mob of diabolic aides) siding with the prince of darkness (Satan).

Before we accept and tolerate PC as progressiveness (which it is not), we must ask ourselves, “Progressiveness from what?” Are we progressing from something that is evil to something that is good? Not with PC! Why not? It is because the goal of PC is to take something that is good for mankind and replace it with something that is bad. No, America has not become a better nation since the heinous conception of PC. America has not become a more blessed nation as a result of PC’s attempt and success at chipping away at that which is good in America.

Using a misnomer to disguise something that will only add to the demise or end of that which is good doesn’t change this fact: PC will “always” (positively) produce that which is not good. Calling sin “inadvertent projection” doesn’t change the fact that it is still sin. A few decades ago a person suggesting a change from good to that which is evil would have been booted in the posterior and thrown in a rowboat to China. A person with such contrariness to goodness would have been castigated as an outcast to society, but today such animosity of goodness is common. Such persons act as though they are obsessed with the annihilation of that which is good.

Has America witnessed or experienced less corruption and less decadence since PC has come into existence in America? No one can prove that America is better off for having yielded to the “vile” intentions and agenda of those who have brought forth the atrocities derived from PC.

Has the intention of the supporters and promoters of PC been to support and defend Judeo-Christian beliefs of America? No, their intention has been to chip away at more and more good...more and more of that which would bring God’s blessings upon America.

If PC had done anything good for America, the proof and benefit of it would be blared into our ears by a constant barrage of “glorified” commentary about its benefits to all Americans. We would be hearing a constant volley of the good that PC has brought to America. Well, we needn’t worry about this ever happening because PC will “never” bring about anything good. PTL! We’ve been spared of the braggadocio!

Is the person who gave birth to PC a person who wants to uphold righteousness in America or is this person someone who wants to take away and deprive America of all semblance of goodness...of that which was once an integral part of America’s Judeo-Christian heritage? Beyond (all) question, there is nothing that is correct or good about PC. it is unfruitful and corrupt.

PC is a misnomer. When something is correct, we can assume that this is a good thing, such as correct behavior...the correct answer to a question...something that is without error. PC is just the opposite of that which is good or that which is correct.

It is of utmost importance that PC “always” be considered as a threat to goodness. PC should be persona non grata (not being “personally” acceptable or welcome). Those who have drummed up PC could correctly be labeled opposers and annihilators of that which is good. PC is just another deviant means used by Satan and his obsessed and possessed (?) accomplices in an attempt to replace something good with something evil.

As a nation, we have far too long replaced good concepts with the evil concepts of the secularists. Their evil concepts have regressed America back to a Sodom and Gomorrah state.

PC has not resulted in America becoming a more God-fearing (God-respecting) nation. PC has only resulted in America becoming a more atheistic, a more anti-God nation. Becoming a nation that hates God and hates anything that God would approve of is “never” going to result in a better America...result in a nation that will continue to be blessed of God. No, PC has bred nothing but that which is an abomination to God and a horrible disservice to mankind. PC will “never” be good - for any nation.

Ponder Isaiah 5:20, I John 1:9.  


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