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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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The Alchemist (05/31/2009)
By Al Thomas

by Al Thomas

Why Global Warming Cannot Be Stopped

Let us first understand that global warming has not been proven and the cause of is not known.

There are hundreds of scientists worldwide who claim they know the answer as well as an equal number who say they don’t know what the “experts” are talking about.

No one has yet proven that it is carbon gases are the reason most of the “experts” claim. Pseudoscience at work. Others say it is a reduction in sunspots with the sun giving off more heat and all the planets in our solar system gaining the same amount of temperature rise as our Earth (even though they don’t have any SUVs). And there are various other reasons advanced almost daily that do not agree with the majority. The arguments will not be settled by what is written here.

What is written here is irrefutable.

The mad scientists maintain the earth is warming because we are burning more fossil fuels causing a CO2 layer to form that radiates back the heat from the sun.

In order to stop this, according to this theory (and it is still theory), is to burn less fuel and create less carbon gases. Sounds good if everyone would do it. If everyone alive on the planet today agreed it would not help.


Back to the basics. Today we have a world population of approximately 6.3 billion. It is projected by 2050 the population will increase about 50% to

9.5 billion. It those extra 3 billion don’t even light a match each time they take a breath they will be giving off carbon gas.

These new souls will need food and shelter both of which require energy. By 2050 do you think it is possible to have the world running on solar and nuclear energy? Not if the politicians are in charge.

The solution is to halt the increase in world population. Nationalism will not allow that - or the church. A country must maintain a birthrate of 2.5 or it will be taken over by its immigrants or break into geographic entities.

We might get lucky and get hit by a large meteor that might kill off 50% or more of the entire world population. How about a nice friendly plague?

There is no logical solution. Studies have been done with mice showing the outcome of overpopulation. As I recall they all eventually die. Not pleasant.

Our fearless (wrong word) self-centered leaders in Washington only care for themselves and refuse to act intelligently to produce energy with nuclear and solar methods.

The fight is just beginning and will not become frenzy for another 20 years.

Global warming, if there is such a thing, cannot be stopped unless the world population can cease to expand.

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