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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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The Alchemist (06/03/2009)
By Al Thomas


In today’s society almost everyone believes he is entitled. Entitled to everything whether he is working or not.

Let’s take a realistic look at compensation. At the end of the week when Joe Sixpack gets his check he is even. Even? Joe worked his required hours and did the job he was supposed to do. The employer received Joe’s services that made the business run profitably. They are both even. What Joe was paid for extras of health insurance, pension plan, social security, free cafeteria, etc. is part of the “even”.

Many employers publish work standards and what an employee is entitled to if he is honorably terminated. These include so many weeks of compensation, health care and other benefits. Again, part of the “even”.

Now people think their employer is required to continue their pay whether they work or not. You are a bad guy if you feel the employer is making a profit so he can stay in business. Washington does not realize what is going on in the real world.

Seventy-five percent (75%) of all U.S. business have 20 or less employees. That is 4.5 million employers providing paychecks to more than 45,000,000 folks every week. Many times the boss goes home with nothing because payroll comes first. Remember Microsoft started in Bill Gates garage and he struggled those first few years just like everyone does starting a new business.

Now the give-away artists in Congress are pandering for votes by promising you won’t have to work or even look for a job because they are going to see you get unemployment check every week forever. That really means those who are working are paying for those who stay home.

No, I am not against unemployment compensation. But it should not be so people can maintain their current life style. They can get along without a cell phone and a second car and going to the beauty parlor weekly and having pizza delivered, etc, etc., etc.

We have been spoiled into thinking we must have a certain kind of job. When you need income anything will do while the search continues for that special employment.

There is nothing wrong with minimum wage when it is a choice of that or no wage at all. Depending on your previous job you might have to start over at the bottom in another profession. Much better than watching TV at home and feeling sorry for yourself.

Your employer is a working man just like you. He doesn’t want to lay off anyone, but is limited by the amount of business that comes in the door.

Every day the newspapers list thousands of jobs. They may not be what you want, but they can fill the gap of what you need now. A positive attitude will carry you through. You can be proud of yourself no matter what the occupation.

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