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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Vikes make a meal of the Cheese ...but beware the Ravens! (10/07/2009)
By John Edstrom

Well fans, was that a rich, deeply satisfying experience, or what? Any win over the cheeseheads is good, but this one was superlative. Let us count the ways. Brett Favre has never thrown the ball better, neither for touch, accuracy, velocity, or good judgment. In this fourth game of the season, his protection was impeccable, giving him at one point an astounding 7.5 seconds with which to pick out a receiver down field. Favre will never lose a game, given that much time to ponder his options. This was especially sweet to witness, considering the beating he took in the first three games. Hopefully the protection has improved a big notch, although it may be that the Pack sold out to stop Adrian Peterson, sacrificing their pass rush. Last year they wouldn’t have had to pay such a price, which is why Brad Childress wore out the knees of his pants begging Favre to get aboard the dragon ship this year.

On the other side of the ball, the Purple pass rush has never looked more overpowering, with Jared Allen devouring Daryn Colledge like so much lunch meat, and then chewing up a big helping of T.J. Lang after Colledge crawled away. I don’t think the Vikes have racked up eight sacks in one game since the days of the Purple People Eaters.

And of course, there were no end of speedy and sure-handed receivers for the old gray fox to choose from. Whatever timing issues he had with Bernard Berrian seem well-solved, and he managed to find Shiancoe for a TD, kept Percy Harvin in the running for hottest big-deal rookie, and completed a pass to just about every eligible receiver wearing purple. Who needs Adrian Peterson?

Actually, that’s a good question. It is disturbing to see him effectively shut down for the second week in a row, although it does seem that the Cheese used up all 11 defenders to accomplish the task. Why do so many of the the runs in Childress’ offense take so agonizingly long to develop? Does this set up the play action or simply telegraph where Peterson is going to go? I wonder if some quick-hitters wouldn’t be effective.

Eight sacks is very impressive but we shouldn’t forget that the Pack’s offensive line was not very good before it got all shot up. When the Vikes go up against Baltimore and Pittsburgh in the next few weeks, Jared Allen and his buddies will not be feasting on patsies, and the rest of the defense had better get back to wrapping up and finishing their tackles, particularly Tyrell Johnson. You have to wonder if the timing on unloading Darren Sharper to New Orleans was so very smart, what with the season he is having down there.

It is probably safe to assume the Purple will go to 5-0 after next week’s visit to St. Louis, but we will have a much better idea how strong a Super Bowl candidate this team is after it gets to the rest of the AFC East the two weeks after. 


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