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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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And which doctors will they be seeing? (03/07/2010)
By John Edstrom

Any clear-eyed scrutiny of what is going on in Washington these days is bound to engender massive cynicism, leading near to despair amongst all but the government classes and their clients. First we saw President Obama and his allies in Congress pass a near-trillion dollar stimulus package that was required, they said, to hold unemployment under 8%, and stave off a financial collapse and subsequent depression.

This rationale convinced few at the outset, and it has quickly developed that the legislation could not keep unemployment under 10%, and was almost entirely pork, waste, and money ladled out to government employees and Obama constituencies, with no pretense of doing anything for the private economy except saddle it with crushing debt.

Very simply, vast sums were borrowed and handed out to those performing secondary, nonproductive work (if any at all) in our society, while those doing the heavy lifting in the private sector were handed the tab, to be paid back at a later date. There is no way that this debt will not compromise our economy and cripple our prosperity long after this generation is in retirement, a penurious and reduced one at that.

Now, after the – how many trillion dollars? – health care monstrosity has been thoroughly discredited and massively rejected by the public, these same people declare that the ignorant masses simply don’t know what’s good for them, or even what they want, and must have it rammed down their throats for their own good like a bitter medicine. The latest CNN poll shows Obamacare, or whatever it is called, to be opposed by about three to one.

No one on earth really believes that the federal government can reduce health care or insurance costs by getting further involved in a system which it has already thoroughly mishandled and distorted. In any case, either federal or state government already controls more than half of this sixth part of our economy, and the biggest and greatest portion of its problems can easily be traced to that involvement.

Nobody argues this seriously anymore, least of all the president, who is reduced to demagoguing the insurance industry in the stupidest of terms. He would have us believe that the price of insurance, and therefore health care, can be controlled by government when any reasonably bright college freshman – no – high school senior understands that the only remedy for runaway costs and price-gouging is market competition, which the government has stifled.

Democratic members of Congress whose seats are not safe are being urged to walk the plank for the party, for this “opportunity of a lifetime.” And indeed it is, to massively expand government in a way nearly impossible to reverse, to make all the rest of us the poorer, and pinned more tightly under the thumb of an arrogant, overweening government which we no longer control.

Those who propounded this stimulus, and concocted this Rube Goldberg health care package understand perfectly that they are leading our country, like Europe, into an era of high unemployment, a stagnant economy, drastically reduced prosperity and, yes, poor health care.

The tradeoff for them, of course, will be a vastly increased slice of that crippled economy, with ever greater power beyond recall. Those defeated Congress members will find a friendly backdoor open for them into the vast network of bureaus, commissions, agencies, etc., where they will be most comfy. And do you suppose they’ll be seeing the same doctors in the same hospitals as the rest of us?




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