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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Forever is Three Days (03/28/2010)
From: Bill Steidtmann

Adam: Whadaya know for sure?

Bob: Jesus saved me!

Adam: Saved you from what?

Bob: Eternal Hell.

Adam: So youíre saying that the wages of sin is eternal Hell.

Bob: Yup.

Adam: And Jesus paid that price so you donít have to?

Bob: Yup.

Adam: Jesus endured eternal Hell for you.

Bob: Yup.

Adam: And then three days later God let him out.

Bob: Yup.

Adam: Work release program?

Bob: Huh?

Adam: If the wages of sin is eternal Hell, then Jesus needs to go back and finish the job. Either that or you need to find a different savior, one with more patience.

Bob: Are you saying three days wasnít enough?

Adam: No, Iím saying itís a good thing that the wages of sin is not actually eternal Hell, because then Jesus would not have been able to say ďIt is finishedĒ, because it never would be. Eternity is a long time.

Bob: Well, whatís the point of a savior if thereís nothing we need to be saved from? Thatís why your universalism heresy is so dangerous, it tricks people into thinking they donít need a savior.

Adam: Tell me, when God warned Adam and Eve about the consequences of sin, did He say ďeternal HellĒ?

Bob: No.

Adam: And after they fell into sin, then did God mention eternal Hell?

Bob: No.

Adam: When Cain murdered Abel? Or prior to the Flood, to the wicked people of that time?

Bob: No, but you need to read between the lines! Sometimes you need to add to what God says, like Eve did.

Adam: Seems like a fairly important detail to go missing from the narrative.

Bob: God eventually got around to mentioning it! In Deuteronomy 32:22.

Adam: 2500 years later? God didnít get around to it, He mentioned the problem immediately, right from the start. God warned them about death. We donít need to be saved from eternal Hell, we need to be saved from death. The first half of Romans 6:23 reads ďFor the wages of sin is death...Ē. So therefore... Jesus died.

Bob: No, you donít understand. Hell is death.

Adam: The people in Hell are dead?

Bob: Actually theyíre zombies, just like in the movie Night of the Living Dead.

Adam: Where did you get that idea?

Bob: Luke 16. Theyíre living and dead, at the same time!

Adam: In Matthew 22:32 Jesus says ĒGod is not the God of the dead, but of the living.Ē So tell me, which is it?

Bob: Um... living dead, um... not the God of them! Er... wait, yes He is... He is and He isnít, at the same time!

Adam: And white is black, up is down, alive is dead, and the Rich Man in Luke 16 is simultaneously Godís worst enemy and deeply concerned about evangelism out of a selfless brotherly love, all at the same time.

Bob: Itís a paradox.

Adam: Iíve noticed that your theology has a lot of that.

Bob: Well, Iíve noticed that you conveniently ignore The Rich Man and Lazarus story from Luke 16, no doubt because you canít handle the truth of a literal description of Hell.

Adam: And you conveniently forget that proving the existence of Hell is a separate issue from proving the duration of Hell. If ďaionĒ does not mean eternity, and there is an ďend of the aionsĒ, then I rest my case.

Bob: As far as Iím concerned you never did prove that.

Adam: Maybe I donít need to if you think forever is three days long.



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