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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Arizona lawsuit speaks volumes (07/18/2010)
By John Edstrom

The Obama administration is finally doing something about illegal immigration – it is suing Arizona to keep it from dealing effectively with the problems caused by a flow of illegals across its border.

The legal rationale for the suit is that it is the federal government’s responsibility to enforce immigration law, and that “The Constitution and immigration laws do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local immigration policies throughout the country.” To this, beleaguered Arizonans, who favor the law by overwhelming margins (as do Americans in general), reply that the federal government is not lifting a finger to enforce its own laws, so that Arizonans are being forced to take action on their own. Their new legislation, they say, does not contradict or interfere with federal immigration laws in any way, but merely rewrites them into state law as well, so that Arizona may enforce them in the absence of any federal effort to do so.

They point out that the out-of-control illegal immigration that Washington winks at has caused a crime wave and is overwhelming their social service budgets. Washington invites and welcomes the illegal immigration, but it is Arizonans who are forced to pay for it and put up with the mess. Now, the Obama administration has signaled that it will not only refuse to help by enforcing its own laws, but will sue Arizona to keep it from dealing with the problems caused by the flagrant dereliction of the federal government.

Legal pretexts for the suit being flimsy, our political left has rolled out its usual bugbear of racism, the subject to which it wants all political discussion changed, the more so as its agenda becomes increasingly noxious and unpopular. The Arizona law will promote racial-profiling (although its language specifically prohibits it), they say, and its real motivation is hatred of Hispanics. (They accuse Tea Partiers also of racism, as though opposition to out-of-control spending and mountains of debt somehow springs from racial animosity.)

This constant resort to the issue of race by leftists in order to justify their agenda, or to smear those who oppose it, loses its effect as those wielding it do so with increasing promiscuity and transparent hypocrisy. In the issue of illegal immigration, real problems arise that have nothing to do with race, except that so much of it comes from Hispanic countries. We have nearly 10% unemployment in this country, our entitlements are going broke, we face an unprecedented mountain of debt, and cannot handle or assimilate an unstinting flow of unskilled workers who will compete for jobs and demand services. Where is the racial animosity in wanting to avoid that?

Listen carefully to those who advocate for illegal immigrants and you will quickly sense the not-quite-spoken assumption that America has no right to control its borders, nor legitimate sovereignty at all. These are just a few of the issues that those continually shouting race should be forced to discuss. As it is, President Obama and Eric Holder, his Attorney General, intone solemnly about the threat of racial profiling, as if there were some way to deal with Hispanic illegals without dealing with Hispanic illegals. Or, that sniffing out any faint whiff of such profiling trumps the federal government’s primary responsibility to secure our borders.

We have come to expect that our politicians will lie to us. But we expect that they will at least make an attempt to lie plausibly, or it shows us such a naked contempt as to hurt our feelings. I would feel better about Obama and Holder, and hold them in greater esteem, if they would just deal plainly with us. It would go something like: “Let’s see then – you don’t like out-of-control spending, socialized medicine, 10% unemployment, a mountainous debt bequeathed to your children, all put in place so as to monstrously expand a parasitical federal (and) government (in general)? Well, we hold you and your concerns in contempt. We will deal with them and you by inviting millions of unskilled, semi-literate foreigners into the country, enroll them in the welfare state, (at your expense), and make them citizens with the vote to ensure our continued rule. And any peep of objection to any part of this plan will be called racism!




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