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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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Soul – the lifeline to eternity (07/25/2010)
By Janet Lewis Burns
“Our goal as human beings is happiness, and we will find our greatest happiness in the contemplation of God.” –Thomas Aquinas

Every human consists of mind, body, and soul. Contentment is a frame of mind, which is more difficult to achieve if one suffers from ill health. Those who have accepted the ailments of the body and mind and even, in strange ways, find virtue in them, can also savor fulfillment.

Mind and body can realize the ultimate peace and harmony if one nurtures the soul, which is the essence of each life, the spiritual force embodied in each of us. Soul is the lifeline to eternity. “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36

God’s blessings to mankind are intangible. If you were to describe SEVEN WONDERS OF THE REALM OF THE SOUL, they might include:

1) A relationship with the Lord 2) Unconditional love

3) Gifts of faith and hope 4) Forgiveness and the peace that passes understanding.

5) Fruits of enlightenment 6) Capacity for untold compassion

7) Promise of eternal life.

Who would want to dwell anywhere else? But we grow weary. Human weakness can overcome anyone at any time. A person can ignore or even deny the soul, but no one can escape its reality forever.

We sometimes flounder in our own restless waters, as we lose sight of Christ’s life raft. Faith can set you free! It’s often a matter of getting back to the simple things of life, to our humble roots. Surround yourself with positive energy and cheerful people. Make peace with your conscience.

If you feel like doom and gloom is overshadowing your life, you need to address the possibility that you might be burdened with depression, which afflicts an estimated 7% of the population. Experts insist that depression is not a part of normal aging.

It is an illness that is successfully treatable with medication. Speaking from personal experience, healing can be achieved; wellness begins with a doctor’s appointment and an understanding of what’s going on with your mind and body, and the assurance that others have been, or are going through the same frightening symptoms.

Heed the red flags that point to depression: fatigue, feelings of worthlessness. inability to concentrate, helplessness, loss of energy, lack of joy and pleasure, and a continuous depressed mood. A serious concern is that depression also slows recovery from physical ailments and surgeries. It can aggravate symptoms of memory loss and dementia.

The spiritual life does not set us apart, isolated in a separate world; it immerses one deeply within the core of humanity. I read a wise remark by J. T. O’Hara that reminds us that each life bears continuous seasons of growth, some more than others. He wrote, “Seek the company of those who are still seeking truth, and run away from those who think they have found it.”

Few are those who have discovered their life’s “Soul Mate” and have skipped blissfully through a charmed and enriched life together. Soul Mates bring out the best in each other. They will likely raise stable minded, optimistic, and faith-filled offspring (which will probably keep them out of therapy and jail as they evolve into adulthood.)

Judge your success in life by what you gave to achieve it. Content is the person who can make the statement, “I would live again to experience and to savor all that I have thus far.” Wise are those who have come to realize that it takes both the sun and the rain to make a rainbow.

When you come to the end of your rope, you come to God. It may be during those darkest nights of the soul that the light of the Father shines through as a beacon, bright and clear. You are never so blind that you cannot see.

The lame man who limps is still walking. Be well.

Janet Burns lives in Lewiston. She can be reached at patandjanburns@embarqmail.com.



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