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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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The journey of life (08/22/2010)
From: Mary Zimmerman

We really should take time now and then to focus on where our life has been, where we are, and where we are going. If we donít, we may not end up at the destination we had in mind (heaven, I hope).

Remember the question in the Baltimore Catechism - Who made you? God. And why? To know, love and serve Him in this world and be happy forever in heaven.

The highway to heaven, thatís what we should be on. If not, then carefully lay out your travel plans, your spiritual map, so to speak.

Sometimes we get stuck in the ruts of life, depression being one of them. It can get such a grip on our lives to the point we feel totally disabled, mentally, physically, and sometimes spiritually. Is this the end of the road we wonder, as life looks so dark and bleak at this time.

Losing our 16-year-old son, Duane, in a car accident just two miles from home on July 6, 1976, that was like falling into a total washout on my road of life, of which I couldnít get out for a long time.

Wait - I remember hearing God is our help and our refuge. Just ask Him. I finally mustered up enough strength to raise my eyes heavenward and whispered in Godís ear ďHelp me, Lord, please help me.Ē He just smiled, hugged me and said, ďMary, Mary, let your heart not be so troubled. Duane is waiting and praying for a safe journey into heaven for you, your family and his many friends. Be at peace. Help others to climb up from their darkness of grief.Ē

Now I try to live each day the best I can. Perhaps the suffering was in Godís plan for my journey of life. I believe in redemptive suffering and always give mine back to God, asking Him to have mercy on my family, myself and the whole world.

As many of you know I made over 11,000 pies for charity. Another miracle as the Lord and I partnered in that as well. I am forever grateful to everyone who supported my efforts. Without your help I never could have realized this dream of helping so many needy people. Thank you.

Amazing Grace - isnít it though? When your desire meets up with Godís will amazing graces abound.

Amazing Grace - no one sings that song more vibrantly than Carla Burton. Wait a minute, Iím sure Father Thomas Niehaus comes close. Carla Burton, the founder of Grace Place Market Square has her CDs available. I hope youíll check them out as well as everything else Grace Place has to offer.

Take time to pray. It is our connection to God. Make the effort to forgive others. Above all, make the time to love, then show that love. God is love.



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