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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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What would you do? (09/19/2010)
From: Lorayne Wernecke

I’m going to do a little imagining, as I often do. Suppose you are traveling in a strange country for reasons of your own.

While you are walking around, shopping with a friend, you happen to say you are enjoying your trip and trust the Lord to watch over you and your friend visiting a very different country. Also you would like to witness to some of the people about the Lord so they could know that trusting in Him, as you do.

As you walk along you notice a man following you. He is in the uniform of that country’s police. He has a very stern look on his face.

You decide to stop and ask him why he is following you. Have you done something wrong? He said “I heard you mention the name of Christ. Are you a Christian?”

Would you deny this or would you say, “Yes, I did mention the Lord, and yes, I am a Christian. Why?”

He becomes very upset and says, “We do not allow Christians in our country.” You tell him, “Yes, I do believe He is watching over us and protects us from harm while we are here in your country.”

“This is why we do not want Christians in our country. Because they want to change the way our people believe and teach them how you believe.”

Now how would you answer? He also tells you he could arrest you and take you before the judge and if the judge decided this was the way they feel about Christians, you could be held in prison, sent out of the country, or even shot, because you are breaking their laws.

What would you answer and what would you do? Being arrested in this country could mean many years in prison. Being sent out of their country would mean that they did not want you to ever come back again. Now we come to the hard one - being shot would be very final and it would mean the end of your trip and also life.

Now we come to what would you decide. Also part of his decision is that if you would renounce Christ and say,

“Well, if you feel so strongly about it I would say ‘I’ll forget Christ, if you will just let me go home.’” But remember to do this means you have lost your salvation because Christ is your salvation. Again, what would you do?

Just suppose worse came to worse and our country is invaded by terrorists who hate our many freedoms of speech, beliefs, and how we live and make our living, as they did on September 11, 2001 when they bombed the World Trade Center building in New York. Also flew a planeful of people into the Pentagon. There was another plane headed for the Capitol but men on board captured the pilot and turned the plane away from the Capitol. These brave men and many others lost their lives but saved the Capitol and people in it.

This was a big decision for them to make, not only their lives but many other lives of the passengers too, but it did save the Capitol and all inside.

I’m sure you feel I have been having a wild time just sitting here typing on my computer when I’m safe and warm. Would she really be so brave if some terrible thing happened to her and her family? I would be truly praying that with His help and knowing what could happen to my faith and salvation I would be depending on Him to guide me in the right decision.



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