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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Every day is a 9/11 day (10/10/2010)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I suppose we all feel somewhat a relief when the date of 9/11 passes again without any apparent disruption. But wait a minute! Just how many babies were killed on this September 11, as have been every day for the past 37 years? I believe the figure is close to 4,000 daily in the U.S. alone - that sure sounds like even a worse disaster to me, yet some seem quite untouched by this, especially the people fighting to keep abortion legal. Yah, legal by what standards? We live in a world that gives criminals and birds more protection than human life.

Remember to elect government officials very carefully. So much is at stake.

God is getting so fed up with the whole mess the world has drifted into with all the disunity among family, government and the world. What can we expect? We all must consciously subject ourselves to God’s peace plan, prayer, love and forgiveness which leads to the reconstruction of the human heart, thus ending abortion, war, and all 9/11s. Remember, sin doesn’t have the last word but mercy does.

People’s minds and hearts are so restless, wounded and broken nowadays. “Hearts are restless until they rest in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father,” who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Or are we just content to let the world rock us to sleep in the name of entertainment? The box office top 10 reports Resident Evil: After Life rated “R” as No. 1, bringing in 27.7 million, while Eat, Pray and Live, a PG-13 movie, rated No. 10 just brought in a mere 2.9 million.

It seems to me 9/11 didn’t keep us on our knees very long. I do believe movies have the real potential to encourage sin.

Since war is a punishment for sin let us just briefly touch on “Do we really want war?” a past editorial. Just recently a daily news broadcaster talking about the war in Afghanistan reported a husband and father of four children was killed, just one example of all the people left to mourn our heavy losses of life. Isn’t the price tag just too high? Thirty thousand more troops sent into a war that may not ever be winnable. I think we paid much too high a price in Iraq as well - especially considering what was accomplished.

But then again war is a punishment for sin, so when will it all end? Not until we declare a peace treaty on America’s most innocent little people - babie 


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