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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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This is wisdom? (11/14/2010)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

How many of us have been given good advice, but have thought and said to ourselves, “Phooey on you! We know (?) what’s best!” Most of the time we know that we are wrong and should have graciously and happily accepted these words of wisdom, but pride usually overruled common sense. Many times the counsel of man will prevail over the counsel of God. This is wisdom? A napkin help us win a race?

How many of us have been asked or have received an invitation to attend a God-fearing, Bible-believing church but have not accepted the invitation because of fear, anger or embarrassment? Well, why should we be fearful or anxious about attending a church that would meet God’s approval? Why should we become angry at someone who cares about where we are going to be spending eternity (the person who asked us or the one who sent us the invitation)? Why should we be embarrassed about being in a building where God is, where God expects everyone to be, where God will have a blessing (the joy of the preaching of His Word) for us? Matthew 18:20 We shouldn’t attend a God-fearing, Bible-believing church? This is wisdom?

Would it be advisable to take something that would make us feel good for only a short while but then it would make us sick for seemingly endless hours? Yes, Satan has many enticing things in his cache of evil, but the consequence of submitting to his ways foredooms us to everlasting torment. Satan’s joy is momentary. God’s joy is everlasting. Are we satisfied with temporary joy, when everlasting joy could be ours? This is wisdom?

Who is scheming to cause us irreparable harm? God or Satan? Who is the deceiver? God or Satan? Who wants us to go to heaven? God or Satan? Who hates us and wants us to go to hell? God or Satan? Should anyone believe and follow a treacherous skunk? This is wisdom? Ephesians 5:1

Will it benefit us to be afraid of someone who loves us more than anyone else, to hate this most loving person, to not want to spend eternity with this most loving person, to not want to know anything about this most loving person? We would rather embrace a hate-filled, unloving, untrustworthy, fallen, kicked out of heaven Satan? Why would we ever want to become a buddy of someone who hates us, who hates God, who is a deceiver, who wants to take us with him to eternal torment, whose main objective is to rob us of God’s gift of eternal life in heaven? This is wisdom?

If we needed some good advice about a very serious decision, whose advice would we choose? A learned doctor’s advice or the advice of an uneducated ten year old? We would unanimously choose the doctor’s advice, yet involving the most important decision of life, a great number do not choose the advice from their Maker. After all, how many untold millions have accepted man’s advice over their Creator’s advice, have accepted man’s words over God’s words? This is wisdom? Proverbs 4:5-7

Why is America is such a lamentable and condemnable state? Is it because America is following God and His Word or man and his word? It is quite apparent that America is not conforming to the God of the Bible. So is following the crowd (the mainstream) resulting in a more God pleasing America? This is wisdom?

Everyone should know that this is wisdom: God’s wisdom.

Ponder Colossians 1:9 I Corinthians 3:19a Proverbs 23:4b Proverbs 4:7 PTL 


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