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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Happy Thanksgiving Day (11/21/2010)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Yes, I do wish you all a happy turkey day. Just what is this all about, the day we call Thanksgiving? My husband and I just received a note from an investment company today. It says Thanksgiving is so much more than the feast we enjoy on this special day. Well, I certainly hope thatís the case but especially us senior citizens can project into the past and come to realize Thanksgiving (not as much), Christmas, Easter, etc., have all unfortunately taken on such materialistic attributes.

But even for Thanksgiving I bet the first thought would be the scrumptious meal awaiting us at grandmaís house (or somewhere hopefully), rather than our first reflection being gratitude to the One where all good things come - God Himself. Yes, we make the turkey or I should say cook the turkey, we wouldnít even know how to make an egg. Yes, we make the pumpkin pie too. Do we know how to make a pumpkin or even a pumpkin seed? I donít, and neither do you. So now are we more prepared to understand Thanksgiving Day? We all need to show and share the virtue of gratitude, pass this on to todayís children. But of course we need to first have it before we can share it.

I am personally grateful for my dear family, their love for me and my ability to love in return, my faith and my faith-filled parents who passed it on to me. I didnít fully grasp it as much in my younger years compared to the present time.

I am grateful as well for an ample supply of food, clothing, medical needs, etc., Iím sorry for some people this isnít the case, but for that reason we are given the privilege to carry out the works of mercy: feed the hungry, cloth the naked, etc. By so doing touch the heart of God as we reach the gate of Peter to open wide its doors.

I just want to back up - way back, for a minute. Iím grateful for my life. I know itís a gift from God and needs to be treated as such. What a blow to throw that gift right back in His face. Itís called abortion.

Iím grateful for the Blessed Trinity: God the Father loving me so much He sent His only Son into the world to redeem me and everyone else. Then came the Holy Spirit to help and direct us. Thus came about the pie lady and my passion of writing. I donít desire these gifts nor take credit for them. My educational credentials are almost none. Mr. Webster and I have gotten to work together an awful lot lately.

I am very grateful for a successful heart surgery this past year including all the good doctors that helped me, plus an almost miraculous recovery from depression.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and may God continue to shower His blessings upon each and every one of you.

P.S. Iím also most grateful for all my friends, the young ones, older ones, Bible study ones, all of them, Godís blessings.



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