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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Seasonís high point arrives with collapse of the Hubert H. Humphrey Death Dome (12/15/2010)
By John Edstrom

...Vikings saved from exile to L.A.

Well fans, have we seen enough of Tarvaris Jackson yet? He would seem to be the same old T Jack, with the interception, the lamentable lack of passing accuracy, and even the botched handoff to Adrian Peterson which nearly knocked them both out of the game. Still, you wonder (albeit idly) what he might have accomplished, playing behind an offensive line that gave him a modicum of protection, and the slightest bit of help to Peterson, who finished the game with 26 yards rushing and an embarrassing 1.9 average per carry. It is hard for the light to come on for an inexperienced QB when the opposition is knocking his lights out.

Nor did the defensive unit, Leslie Frazierís own creation, add any luster to his resume. The Williams Wall, so recently renowned, has turned into a sort of Maginot Line, easy to run around. (I have to credit that gag to my apprentice, Mr. Marek, who has been reading up on the World Wars lately.) The pass rush was light, and the recurring problems at the safety position recurred again, allowing the two long runs, and collaborating with the Wall to allow 213 rushing yards.

Then there was the usual gaffe on special teams, with Jasper Brinkley found guilty of a block to the back just at the inopportune moment when the newcomer, Lorenzo Booker, had run a kickoff back for a TD that would have put the Purple back into the game. Have you ever noticed how these penalties are invariably committed against guys who are already out of the play?

And as for the interim coach, who would like the promotion to full time? His team seemed neither ready to play, nor particularly happy to be on the field. To start the game with two interceptions, taken advantage of for a measly three points, and then sort of fade away, doesnít do any favors for your new coach, nor brighten his employment prospects.

Anyhow, one good thing did happen this week in Vikings land, which was the spectacular collapse of the Humpty Dome Ė and let no one be caught wishing that the players had been in it at the time! This will be remembered as the high point of this miserable season, I bet. Now the ninny legislators who wonít spring for a new stadium lest the Dear Children want for something, will have that tender concern trumped by a Safety Issue! They will think of the innocent little ones who might easily have perished in the catastrophic failure of the Hubert H. Humphrey Death Dome and immediately cough up the requisite funds to save the Vikings for Minnesota.

So thereís always a bright side to any situation, and keep thinking about that high draft pick next May as you continue to monitor the fortunes of the Purple. 


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