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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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First on next year’s agenda – starting QB (01/05/2011)
By John Edstrom

..Vikes to pick in twelfth spot

Well fans, wasn’t that last game of the season in the Silver Dome just a rotten cherry topping a cow pie season? Every rancid element was in place. The offensive line continued to allow Adrian Peterson to be ambushed in the backfield while not protecting Joe Webb, who was able to avoid injury thanks only to unusual footspeed and elusiveness which, alas, will not qualify him for an NFL quarterbacking job if the rest of the package is a scatter arm and questionable decision-making.

For its part, the defensive line, resuming its mediocre ways after the splendid performance against Michael Vick, failed to pressure the not especially mobile Shaun Hill nor were they particularly stout against the run. And the defensive backfield neither tackled in the secondary nor defended the pass, never allowing the defense to get off the field on third down. The antics of third string cornerback Frank Walker stood out as especially inept at a position which has let the Purple down all year. His only demonstrated achievement on field was to make us wish for the return of Asher Allen. At least, unlike Lito Sheppard, who played little better, Walker did not come highly, or at all, touted.

Interim head coach Leslie Frazier, (soon to elevated to regular status it is said) praised his minions for their stout effort, which others may not have discerned. Along with the curious decision to forego the early fifty yard field goal in a game featuring an untried QB unlikely to put up a lot of points, this observation did not engender any great confidence in the quality of Frazier’s judgment early on. But there is no point in carping about the new head coach so soon; he will will have sixteen regular season games next year to prove himself one way or the other. My opinion, for now, is that he is the logical choice. His coaching pedigree is excellent, the players seem to like and have confidence in him (is that good?), and he speaks well enough that he won’t be a continuing, aggravating puzzle to listen to, unlike his predecessor.

As has been widely observed, Joe Webb did everyone a favor by proving himself no phenom in his second start. The organization, then, will have to get seriously to work on finding a starting QB. It is reported that there will be solid choices available by the twelfth pick, which they will have thanks to Sunday night’s win by the Seattle Seahawks.  


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