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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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Cheeseheads to the Super Bowl! (01/12/2011)
By John Edstrom

...epidemic of Gold and Greenis envy strikes Vikingsland

Well fans, should the cheeseheads get by the Falcons down in Atlanta next week, they will be an odds on favorite to get to the Super Bowl. Were I a betting man, I would grab whatever amount of money I could afford to lose and put it on the Packers to come home from Texas with rings on their fingers.

They have been dangerous all year, largely because Aaron Rodgers is emerging as one of the top two or three QBs in the league, but now that they have invented a running game and found an effective – nay! – explosive running back in rookie James Starks, they have the balanced attack to hang in there with anyone, including the high priest (Pope?) of NFL coaches, Bill Belichick and his Patriots.

At that point Mike McCarthy will surely be anointed Coach of the Year, and should be effusive in handing off credit to Dom Capers. Those guys have performed absolute magic this season in keeping the Pack in the hunt despite a locker room that resembled a charnel house more often than not. If the Purple had been one iota as creative in manufacturing replacements for starters that went down, ( instead of blowing a third round draft choice on Randy Moss, a has-been in every regard save creating an uproar), their fans might also be looking forward to another Sunday of football. I was particularly jealous when the Eagles game was saved on the last play by the ball-hawking of cornerback Tramon Williams, who no one had ever heard of last September. Compare that to the antics of Minnesota’s three stooges at that position, Asher Allen, Lito Sheppard, and Frank Walker.

In fact, after watching Capers and McCarthy operate all season, and the Cheeseheads play such remarkable football while on crutches, I have developed a very bad case of Gold and Greenis envy. Should the dunderheads in St. Paul manage to send the Vikings packing off to Los Angeles, I will have little trouble transferring my loyalties to Green Bay and Lambeau Field.

Meanwhile back at Winter Park, Leslie Frazier is attempting to hire former Denver head coach Josh McDaniels to run his offense next season. McDaniels served in that capacity for Bill Belichick for two years, and is not a devotee of the west coast offense. Those are both good. And I, for one, would be heartily encouraged to see the Tampa Two defense scrapped as well.  


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