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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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We are the world (02/13/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


Yes, we the people make up the world. It was empty and God decided to fill the void so He made man and all living creatures. I wish Heíd forgot the bats and spiders. God looked upon all His creation and called it good. There have been ups and downs all through the centuries starting from the beginning.

Now is the time to review where the world stands in its present mosaic. We the people are shouting to the heavens, ďWhatís this world coming to? Is this the end times or only a preview, as we struggle through the disastrous effects of the elements of nature?Ē For many this would refer to the serious flood of 2007, than for all of us the rather unnatural amount of snow, so many records set of one kind or another. All the wars, protesting, etc., makes us wonder too. We ask the Lord ďWhy, why are you so angry?Ē Perhaps this is Godís way of speaking to us, you think? About our sinful world.

The laws of the land are no longer Godís laws. God gave us the rules for the game of life - the Ten Commandments. When we make up our own rules we begin to cheat. He also gave us free will, so we get to choose. The noisy world is telling us it is okay to destroy our own children (as well as other bad choices), if we do it at the right time, like one minute itís a blob of tissue, a minute later, upon birth (full), itís a baby. Yah, right? Killing is a serious sin and abortion falls in that category. But listen! God is calling us back. His voice is in the whisper of the wind, snow, sleet and rain and all the unnatural disasters. He calls to each of us - come follow me. Iíll lead you home. Iíll shine the light.

Remember, we are the world, the people, and it all begins with inner thoughts and outer actions of you and me. God is our maker. He gave us the gift of life for all eternity. Now itís up to us to use that time in the world in a way to inherit the happiness of heaven. God wishes all to be saved.

We are influenced by others in so many ways. Remember parents, we are our childrenís first teachers. Itís not just about words, numbers and colors, but God as well. No one escapes the responsibility of giving good example. We are all born with a weaker nature but God has redeemed us and graced us with His godly virtues. As of myself I can do nothing. With Godís help I can do some things - make 1100 pies and share my heartsongs.

One last time, we are the world. How it plays out, what happens on stage is up to us. But we donít need to play our part alone. God is ever by our sides coaching us if we allow Him. With His help lets change the world one heart at a time, starting with our own.

Love conquers all and God is love. We are the world, we are Godís people, let us act accordingly. 


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