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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Well: The wonder word (03/13/2011)
From: T.M. Schoewe

The country recently celebrated Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday or as he would have said the 61st anniversary of his 39th birthday. One of the things we recall him saying was “well!” Several of my best friends say “well, I suppose.” That word “well” pops up all over conversations. Sometimes it just seems to be an introductory word. Sometimes it follows a question. Well, how are you? Well I don’t know. Well, what do you mean? Are you sick or well? Well what does the doctor think? You will probably find a hundred or more ways to use this wonder word “well.” Well maybe. Here is another meaning. Every village, town and city in the USA, as well as every farm has one...a well. Now we are talking about (H2O) water. But if you say well in Texas someone will ask you “oil or gas?” All kidding aside, the water in our wells is the most important element in this world. It keeps us alive! Our bodies as well as the globe we live on are by percentage more water than anything else! This brings me to a great epiphany. You will find this great epiphany in your Bible (if you don’t have one let us know and we will help you get one) in the Gospel of John, chapter 4. Read it. Read it slowly again. Then go back to the WELL. Who dug it? Who is sitting on the WELL? Who is asking for a drink from the WELL? Whom did He ask? What did He give her?

Answers from this WELL: Jacob dug the well. Who is he? He is one of the great-great-grandfathers of the man sitting on the well. And who is He? Go back to the 1st verse of the 1st chapter of John. He is the Word! The Word by which all things were made, including water! He is sitting on the well asking for a drink. When the woman asks Him why He would ask her she finds out who she really is and who He really is! He is the gift of God who gives living water that springs up into everlasting life! She forgets to give Him a drink and races back to town to tell her friends what she found at the well.

Well now you have the last and best use of the word “well.” Well then, take a drink for yourself and be about passing it so another may be well and begin each day by saying “our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.”



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