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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Lent (03/20/2011)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Lent. What the heck is that, you may wonder, especially the younger generation who may not know what it is all about. It really means doing penance of one kind or another. When the Blessed Mother appeared and spoke to Bernadette, a young girl in Lourdes, France in the 1800s, her first words to her were “penance, penance, penance.” If that’s what the Mother of God was asking of humanity at that time, what might be her message she is conveying to today’s world?

I think about the world something like an erupting volcano spewing its poisonous venom all over the place. How do we protect ourselves, our loved ones and children, “save the children,” too many nowadays are starving not just for food but for love and for a meaning and purpose in this life, in this world, help them to find God. Take a time out (Lent), step back from the noise of the world. Have a private meeting, just you and God. Speak to God (prayer), then listen. He will make known to you what part you are responsible for in causing Him so much pain on His way to Calvary and on the Cross, then He’ll say “but let’s be friends again, come back to me, just knock, the door will be open.” If we open our doors to Lent God will open our hearts to love Him, our neighbor and ourselves, then one day, the doors of heaven.

The words we hear used most often to encourage Lenten penance is praying, fasting and almsgiving.

Lets all work on opening our hearts to receive the graces Lent has to offer, then come Easter, we too will experience a resurrection in our lives and put on the armor of the risen Christ.

It’s quite sure that for some of us, or at least someone we know, this will be their last opportunity for Lent, death has no respect for age. It’s not so much the years we have but how we live them. We are all God’s children. He loves us with an unfailing love. Mercy is His greatest attribute you know, let us not squander the graces He wishes to give us this Lent, thus giving Him love in return - so many ways to do this.

I prayed and God heard me and answered. I gave up a lot of food so others could eat. I gave up an extra bed so God could sleep.

God will say to us one day, “Come home my friend, heaven is waiting.”

Have a good Lent. 


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