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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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Catholics Come Home (03/27/2011)
From: Mary Zimmerman


A recently publicized effort to give Catholics a renewed, special invitation to come back to the church is called “Catholic Come Home.” Most likely you’ll see a clip about this on TV. (E-mail address: catholicscomehome.org.) For whatever reason, you may have walked away from the Catholic Church and now you may want to take a fresh look. I assure you, the church doors are wide open saying “welcome home.”

I also assure you the graces coming through the Catholic Church within the Mass, Sacraments and Sacramentals too are very much alive and well. Oh, there are some that would like to have you believe otherwise (all the negative editorials in the Winona paper awhile ago). It seemed so popular for awhile to throw stones against the Catholic Church and its teaching. I’d say whichever persons are without sin, let them cast the first stone. Is there no one?

I tell you Winona has many holy priests, and I’m sure ministers as well. Let’s not put them all in the same basket...support and pray for them. They are so very busy going about “the Father’s business.”

I am a cradle Catholic, which means I’ve been Catholic all my life but have come to appreciate, understand and love the church more and more, as I am graced to attend daily Mass. I would say just try to understand the church (Holy Spirit waits to enlighten you) before you walk away.

Who would want to refuse an invitation to a wedding feast? Expect to experience much joy and happiness, literally out of this world, all decorated with love, forgiveness, and peace just hanging around all over the place. Guess what we just momentarily experienced? “Heaven.” But till we arrive there we can in a way have heaven on earth. No way, you moan and groan. Yes, there is a way to accept and follow God’s earthly home for now - the church. We are taught God is everywhere, but He especially takes up residence in people’s hearts which are nurtured through God’s Word at churches. He just hopes we have prepared our hearts in a loving, forgiving, humble manner, putting God and others above ourselves. More of God and less of me would help us to realize all is a gift from God. Give all honor and glory to God, humbly accepting our physical and spiritual gifts as they all come together in a mosaic of life in the world.

God continues to remind us throughout our lives of His special invitation. The sooner we (answer back) the better, but let no one forget up until your last breath, you can respond. The communication is instant, you know (a direct line). I think perhaps God even goes beyond your spoken word to the very core of your mind and heart to search out your intent, and to accept or reject His special invitation to a great heavenly banquet. But better to RSVP Him sooner than later, and He will have your seat all ready - hopefully without any lengthy layovers.

Instead of mankind running loose and wild, following the whims of the world, you’d think human intelligence would tell us we need to settle down a bit - prayerfully following the Ten Commandments and walk the road of life that follows God’s invitation, “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest.”

Again, it’s so much better that you plan for this event throughout your journey of life. Who would want to take a lengthy trip and try to pack all the necessities in a short time? This packing for this final trip - all can and must be packed in your heart; hopefully you have already laid up treasures in heaven (good works, etc.) and have your heart always in readiness as well...packed with the gifts the Holy Spirit has showered upon you in life, especially love, joy, and peace, accompanied with forgiveness and humility as well. Well, looks like you’re set to go. Oh! Hear God is calling, Come home, my good and faithful friends, my beloved, come home.” 


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