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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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A Big Bang with right ratios (03/27/2011)
From: T.M. Schoewe

My good old Dad told me if you want to be a successful communicator,”read yourself full and write yourself empty; it helps you get your ratios straight!”

If there was a “Big Bang” that set this globe spinning in the universe someone must have heard the “Bang.” And SOMEONE with intelligence must have had the numbers straight! UCLA astrophysicist Edward Wright said the Big Bang would have fizzled in the first second had the neutron-to-proton ratio been a bit off or more or less than it was.

Our life on this earth is only possible because the ratios are just right. Take water - 2 parts hydrogen and 1 part oxygen. Change the ratios and we die. So it is with the balance of gases, gravity, solar radiation, nutrients in the vegetable kingdom and the animal world.

Getting down to daily life and living in our communities in this great nation, it seems we are prone to get our ratios out of sync. My father and grandfather mixed too much smoke while breathing and shortened their lives. After 38 years of tobacco we finally listened to the surgeon general and stopped. Daily life requires our attention to the right ratios. Too much sugar results in diabetes. Too much salt turns into high blood pressure and swollen legs, etc... To be a good cook you have to have your ratios right. A restaurant with bad ratios is soon out of business. So is any business and are investments that do not follow the right ratios.

And there are our schools and educational systems. It seems there is really a problem with ratios! I went grocery shopping the other day and my total was $17.76. I thought for a second and mentioned to the young lady that was having trouble counting my change. “You know” I said, “1776, what happened then?” She said, “what do you mean? Then I looked at the lady in line behind me who looked like she could have been the girl’s mother and said “can you believe it?” She said, “Oh yes!” Calculators figure out all the basic math problems which is nice and may prevent errors, but they also can cause you to not think for yourself and decrease situational awareness. Are students getting by without knowing basic math and ratios?

And then there’s our government! It is quite evident that spending is out of control and the individual and businesses are not freed enough to produce the income to handle the deficit. The ratio of what is going out the back door to what is coming in the front is not right. Too many people riding in the cart and not enough pulling it. See, it’s all in the ratios! Should our elected officials be required to have a degree in mathematics and economics?

When we read the history of civilizations that have passed away we become fearful for our national destiny. The great Roman Empire and its mighty military was led by its emperor and senate to gradually disregard ratios. They provided bread and circuses to keep the people settled and hired foreigners to guard their borders. And gradually the foreigners discovered they were able to take over and send that Empire into the “dust bin” of history.

As citizens of the State of Minnesota and this democratic Republic of the USA it is our business to insist that our leaders and elected officials get the RATIOS RIGHT! If too many people are permitted to have a free ride without any responsibility, the rest will be unable to pay for the gas and our own country, along with the principles which allowed many to become prosperous, will slide as well into the dustbins of history.

So if the Big Bang was and we are mysteriously here, let’s both understand and respect what the right ratios are and look for the intelligence behind them. Read Matthew 7:7

P.S. We hope you get a little BANG out this.



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