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  Sunday February 1st, 2015    

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The wedding is over (05/01/2011)
By Frances Edstrom

Well, the wedding is over, now on to the honeymoon.

Several weeks ago, I thought I had gotten an invitation in the mail, but it was just an invitation to buy dishes with pictures (and not very flattering ones) of the Prince and his bride on them. I probably couldnít have gotten a Friday off work anyway.

Which leads me to ask why on earth they got married on a Friday. Usually thatís a religious decision, but as far as I know, Church of England doesnít demand a Friday wedding.

It could be of course that it was the only time they could get the church, and the hall for the reception would be cheaper, something to think about during hard economic times. It also gives them the whole weekend for the honeymoon.

I didnít get up in the middle of the night to watch the wedding, nor did I make a copy. I figured someone else would do that for me, and I was right. So this morning when I was making my check of newspaper web pages, I did watch a slide show of Kate getting out of the Rolls Royce and walking into the church and then down the aisle. Nice dress. Very modest by todayís standards, and she could probably have it cut down and dyed to wear on special occasions later on. Same with her sisterís dress. Those commoners are so clever.

Speaking of dresses, the Queenís outfit looked familiar, as did her hat and purse. Do you suppose the royal family is recycling? Or maybe sheís seen so many divorces she told Prince Philip she didnít feel another new wedding deserved another new outfit. Camilla was her usual self, but wore a coat that showed off still good-looking legs. That Charles!

And the hats! What is with these Brits? Victoria Beckhamís hat looked like it was going to fall off and hit her on the nose. Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice seem to have inherited their motherís taste, probably making up for their motherís absence. (She seems to only have gotten the crockery invite, too!) Madonna should have hung on to her husband a little longer, since he got an invitation. Elton John was there, too. Weíll have to ask him about it when he comes to La Crosse for his make-up concert later in the month.

All the princes looked good in their military uniforms. I guess the Prince is being called back to finish out his military duty after the wedding furlough, and Kate will go with him. I wonder if they live in married soldiers housing? Hope it has good heaters. Itís cold in northern Wales even in the summer. And Wales is where it took an hour and a half to put a couple pairs of jeans in the washer and another day and a half to dry them in the wettish weather. Poor Kate.

But I wish them well. It would be nice if they would usher in a new wave of marriages between really, really rich celebrities that last. Then maybe that would trickle down to us hoi polloi, the working class. And I hope they have some babies. They are bound to be cute, unless some latent DNA should sneak in.

I wish we had royalty. It sure would be a welcome relief from movie stars, who donít seem to have nearly the stuff (or clothes that cover their private parts) that these House of Windsor people do. 


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