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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Maryís Motherís Day (05/22/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


I had a very special Motherís Day and Iíd like to share some of my thoughts and feelings about my day.

We arrived about ten minutes early for Sunday Mass. After a few prayers my thought took me for a ride. First I stopped to breathe in some of the love I knew I was to encounter later in the day from my little clan (6) of loving children, then my thoughts rose to the heights of heaven to my six other children. I wondered was Duane (killed at 16) smiling down on me with his heart full of love, wanting to tell me ďHappy Motherís Day, Mom, Iím saving a spot for you.Ē My reply would have been, ďSon, just some simple space will do, just make sure your siblings have a nice spot as well.Ē

Then my mind turned to Melvin, just five months old. Was he upset, I wondered, that I didnít hold him as he was leaving this world, but rather followed anotherís advice to go across the street for coffee. Melvin, Iím so sorry.

Elaine, your life was just a few hours. You were already in heaven before I met you.

Then Martin James - stillborn, later two miscarriages.

The message I wish to leave with you little ones is weíll all meet again some day, just be waiting to introduce yourselves and weíll continue.

I ask you dear children to pray for me, your Dad and siblings, shine some heavenly light on the path we travel on our road of life, that we may see beyond the fleeting happiness of this world to a joyous reunion in heaven one day.

Ask Jesus to give us all warm, humble, loving, forgiving hearts, helping each other as we journey into eternity - the promised land-heaven.

Dear children pray as well that we never lose sight of the humble manner in which God loves us. Just one on one. I know with all the worldly noise itís hard to fathom that. God just asks us to keep on trying as we put our faith and trust in Him.

Well, between Motherís Day eve and Motherís Day all my children had made contact with me with gifts, hugs, greetings and greeting cards, which were all so pretty and said heartfelt things, but one card kinda summed it all up - ďnowhere is Godís voice more sweetly heard than in the love shared between mother and child.Ē

Within my imaginary journey to heaven I had touched base with my family there as well. I left a special message for Duane. Please somehow contact your mom, send me a message hour! I donít know, he will know best about the technology of heaven. I think it must be simpler than we have here in this world, perhaps send it on eagles wings, angel wings, on in the whisper of the wind. Then I heard Duane speaking in my heart. I love you, mom, see you later. Happy Motherís Day.



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