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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Do we really want war? (05/29/2011)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I think we are barking up the wrong tree trying to fight a losing battle in Afghanistan or Iraq. What is being lost is a lot of money that could be better spent on fulfilling the works of mercy - feeding the poor, etc., but most especially the lives being lost.

Yes, many lives were lost in 911, but how many more have we more or less added to this? Before we forge ahead we need to ask ourselves this question. What would Jesus do? We have the answer to what He did to redeem mankind - He allowed soldiers to whip, mock, spit upon Him, then hang Him upon a tree, and what did Jesus say about all this. Father forgive them they really donít understand what they are doing.

I think in a way that holds true for the enemyís suicide bombers. I believe they think they are doing the right thing. Perhaps they have no background of Christian teaching or the Ten Commandments; only God has the intelligence and right to judge.

As far as bin Laden, I have a bag of mixed feelings. I am one hundred percent prolife. I donít believe in capital punishment if there is another way. Who are we to say who should live and who should die? I do affirm self-defense and good moral judgment. On the other hand, I despise the festive celebrating.

I try to figure out if the need for war can be justified through Godís eyes. Yes, if our country is attacked, but we were the aggressive ones in Iraq, even after not finding weapons of mass destruction.

In war those we are fighting against we call our enemy. Hate is a very strong word that should seldom be used or especially felt. Letís turn the tables, what about love. Jesus said love one another, even your enemies. Gee, what a peaceful world we could have - this was Godís intention, plan and hope for mankind. His frequent phrase was ďpeace be with you.Ē

Killing in many ways has become so acceptable, even innocent babies, its almost like we have declared them the #1 enemy. Letís stop and think about that one. Itís been said war is a punishment for sin. I wonder what sin could be so hideous as to warrant that sentence. No doubt in my mind - abortion. Minds and hearts have seemed to grow so cold and oblivious to the truth and reality of the purpose of life. They have been so stimulated with false doctrine (abortion, same sex marriage, the need to raise children in faith and morals, etc.) that we are perhaps unconsciously conveying to our children.



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