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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Happy Birthday, Jim, and the Golden Years (06/12/2011)
From: Mary Zimmerman


I want to say happy birthday, Jim - June 4th. Perhaps you are wondering who in the heck is Jim! My reply, heís my husband of 59 years. Actually we were married on his birthday. He asked for no other gifts other than my promise to love him till death do us part.

God seems to be giving me so many titles and topics I decided Iíd combine these two - Happy birthday Jim and the golden years, not necessarily connecting them. Iím not admitting or establishing that either Jim or I am living those years, but hopefully with your help we can figure it out. Due to the privilege of the Privacy Act I refuse to give our ages, just the year we were born - Jim 1930 and me 1933. Just a little hint. Ha.

Now lets discuss the golden years. As I asked around a little my friend Ella from S.D. gave me this answer - I think itís the 80s. I thought Iím safe for a little while. A friend from Winona said, I think your golden years started when you recovered from depression. I thought, yah, maybe thatís right. At any rate I think its time for us (Jim and me) to take time out to smell the roses. Oh, and then another friend added, the golden years are when you get to heaven. Maybe thatís the right explanation.

Time really goes fast, doesnít it? One day is Monday and the next one is Friday, or so it seems, so again we really need to take the time to smell the roses (accept and cherish the gifts of the Holy Spirit - love, peace and joy).

Its okay to briefly glance back, look a little ahead, but mainly focus on the present moment, savor that the best you can. Matt, my 10 year old grandson so graciously gave me the latest statistics that the average life span is 73. Every day as I check the obituaries seeing several ages of 90 or so I feel pretty safe, then I see in the 70s and younger, does that put me in the golden years? Actually I think God will allow me some extra time to accomplish what He put me on this earth for since I was demobilized with depression a good amount of time. Eventually God said, Mary, get going, you have work to do - I replied, yes Lord, what can I do for you? His reply was quick and direct - do the deeds of mercy, care for the hungry, naked, thirsty, imprisoned, etc., and love me with your whole heart, soul and strength, and donít forget to do this as well for your children.

Well as I said, time goes fast, life is short, who knows how long any of us have or even if we will reach the golden years...whenever that is. Iíd just like to say this, I intend to live till I die (like Mattie) and with my boots on.

I know Iím not a baby chick, spring chicken either, nor do I fit in as a cluck. Iím out of my hatching years. Ha, old hen? Iím not too thrilled with that title. Isnít there something in between? Oh yah, maybe this is the golden years.

Again, happy birthday Jim, from your loving wife. 


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