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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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A Matter of Faith (06/26/2011)
Maryís heartsongs

From: Mary Zimmerman


Heart surgery. Just one year ago today, May 24, 2010, my husband and I traveled to St. Maryís in Rochester for me to keep an appointment for a tricuspid valve replacement because of serious leakage.

I must say I faced this whole situation quite badly. All of my family members were with me to support me that day, either in body or spirit. I knew God was with me as well. I remember entering the operating room and meeting the anesthesiologist then waking up to being fed small pieces of ice, as all my family members came to check on me ((I wasnít aware of it). Iím sure when they saw me all wired up in one way or another they must have wondered if I was really okay! They continued to make visits and calls to verify that. It took a bit before my tissue valve (perhaps from Babe) got adjusted to a human body, which then avoided a pacemaker. A few days after surgery the nurses experienced a rather scary moment when I fainted from a very low heart rate - thatís when my friend Carla insists God gave me a new heart. My prayer had been to ďcreate a clean heart in me oh Lord.Ē

Maybe Carla was right. It was around that time I begin to see life in a brighter, more hopeful, trusting way. God was giving me the grace to do so. I began to love my family and others in a kinder way, realizing we are all imperfect, yet we must make an earnest effort to strive for perfection. ďBe perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.Ē

Well, a new heart, now what! I realized as a human how powerless I am of myself but with prayer and God who strengthens me I will accomplish the very mission He has designed (chosen) for me. Is it any wonder the world is in such a disarray! Itís because America has destroyed (Planned Parenthood alone, over 300,000 a year) babies (abortion) that never had the chance to fulfill the vocation God had intended for them.

Well, one year later, May 24, 2011, Iím happy to report the major problems of my heart condition have disappeared, my former depression is held at bay. Oh yes, I do have a few issues as Iím sure most of you do as well. We really shouldnít expect heaven on earth, right? Anyway, again I have learned to smile, laugh and occasionally crack a joke. I love to hear people laugh. I say thank you God, you are so kind. I couldnít have done it without you.

Depression. I donít mean to dwell on this rather morbid topic, itís just that I yearn so much to help others who may be so trapped as I was. I just want to repeat, there can be light at the end of the tunnel. I know a depressed person canít visualize that, one just has to somehow believe it. A friend told me I would get over mine. My doctor said I did before, so I did. Iíve been off medication now long enough to know I just need to trust God and spend my life in the service of others.

Iím not implying or even suggesting for anyone to stop taking medication - perhaps for some it makes all the difference. As for me I guess it was just God answering the many prayers of family, friends and many priests as well.

Now what? Where do I take this newfound life! God said minister to others. Okay Lord, how about Maryís ministries.

Wait a minute. I hear you say, arenít you taking this all a bit too far? Well, just let me explain a bit what I have in mind. Iím not thinking or talking about the magnitude of Joyce Meyer or Billy Graham ministries, sending out address labels or whatever else, or in any way asking for money. Rather, Maryís ministries would be kinda like a prayer chain. You could give me your prayer requests and I could give you my intentions, or at least some of them. Maybe share your Heartsongs, or joy or a sorrow. I assure you Iíd care enough to laugh or shed a tear with you.

So if you care to encourage, complain, or send me your prayer requests, Iíd love to hear from you. I know I have many readers but Iíd delight to hear if Iíve helped someone in any way.

I am most grateful for the response to have received from many readers.

Thank you and God bless.



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