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  Wednesday January 28th, 2015    

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Larry Crowne (07/06/2011)
By David Robinson

“Larry Crowne” stars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, and the producers (among them Hanks) clearly hope that those two-big box-office names will be enough to draw folks into the air-conditioned theater. Hanks also directed and co-wrote the screenplay, so he should get most of the praise and/or blame for the success of this fairly ordinary romantic comedy.

There’s some of both to go around. The film’s first half develops fairly slowly, with the laugh lines drawing barely a chuckle. To be fair, it’s not a very funny situation. Larry, a forty-something veteran of twenty years as a Navy cook, loses his job at a big-box store. Despite being a model worker and eight-time employee of the month, he’s passed over for promotion because he has no college degree. Hanks is probably the best-known “Mr. Nice Guy” actor since the passing of Jimmy Stewart: we have no trouble believing that he doesn’t deserve being downsized or that in his recent divorce he was the loser.

Determined to change his life, Larry goes to the community college, where a dean tells him to take a certain speech course because—it will change his life. Again, things don’t look promising, since the teacher, Mrs. Mercedes Tainot, arrives for her eight a.m. class hung over and all too eager to tell the students that the class didn’t make. When the tardy Larry’s arrival gives her enough for the minimum, he is not, let’s say, off on the right foot.

From there, it’s only a matter of time until she sees him for the good guy he is and falls in love with him, the teacher/student relationship notwithstanding. Along the way, writer/director Hanks picks up the pace and the humor. Some of the difference is the increased role of other actors, in particular those playing Larry’s much younger classmates. As the effervescent Talia, Gugu Mbatha-Raw helps Larry turn things around, rearranging his wardrobe, his furniture, and even getting him a cool haircut.

Talia also recruits Larry for the Street Patrol, a “scooter gang” to which she and her boyfriend, Dell (Wilmer Valderrama) belong, getting Larry out of his lonely existence and into a group of unlikely friends. He finances his education in part by returning to cooking at a local restaurant, after selling most of his earthly goods himself or through his neighbor (played by Cedric the Entertainer), who runs a permanent yard sale. I’d also cite George Takei (best–known as Mr. Sulu in the Star Trek series) for a small role as an economics professor who helps boost Larry’s confidence even as he repeatedly takes his cell phone.

“Larry Crowne” won’t win Hanks any more awards, but he scarcely needs any more.) Larry is too much of a doofus to be credible, but then we usually don’t ask for realism in our romcoms. It likely won’t do much box office, not being a typical “summer movie.” (It’s rated “PG-13” but is pretty harmless.) If you want a gentle summertime diversion—and escape from the thunderous onslaught of monsters, heroes, and 3-D effects—you could do worse.



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