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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Our Father who art in heaven (07/10/2011)
From: Mary Zimmerman

This is Father’s Day - June 11, 2011. Just as on Mother’s Day my thoughts again pulled me in many directions as I waited for Mass to start. I first thought about my earthly father. My dad was a hard working man, he was a good man. I remember him whispering his morning prayers and him and mom praying many rosaries together. I’m sure he loved us all very much. In those days there wasn’t much hugging and kissing so I never grew up to have that beautiful trait (but I’m learning). My dad carried many crosses along his road of life as well. He lost his first wife and baby son to a bad flu that most likely took many lives in those days. Then he lost four more sons after marrying my mom (my brothers).

My dad was a full fledged farmer with horses and manpower as the main strength for many years (tractors came later). He loved horses and I’m sure rewarded them in many kind ways, but once in a while for whatever reason they just spooked out and took off running, totally out of control and my dad with them...no wonder the quick prayer, Jesus Jesus became so popular with my mom. One time my brother Lavern sat on one of the horses named “Horse” backwards. He said, “Look, Ma.” Well Horse suddenly took off for an unknown destination, ending up near the cow pasture dragging my brother on the ground. Yah, my mom had many occasions to use this short powerful prayer, especially the times years ago as we drove to church, school picnics, etc., on such muddy roads you weren’t sure where you’d end up, perhaps in a deep ditch. Well for many reasons in our present day world I think that powerful prayer needs to be again brought to light.

I don’t remember much discipline coming from my dad, except once when a neighbor boy wanted to take me to a house party (common in those days). My mom said go ask your dad. Well Pa said no. I didn’t much like that at the time. Now I understand father knows best.

I did think of my husband Jim as well, the father of our six living children who all showered their dad with hugs, cards, gifts, and lottery tickets. He even won $100.

I would imagine Duane was lovingly looking down and wishing his dad a happy day as well.

Jim is a hard working good man like my dad. There wasn’t a lot of hugs and kisses either but there was always food on the table and clothes on our backs. However, I think parents’ responsibility goes beyond bringing in paychecks and cooking meals. It also goes beyond kisses and band aids for the little scrapes and hurts. These loving relationships must continue to be a post for youth to lean on as they go through the emotional roller coaster most teenagers seem to encounter, so as not to look for help or comfort in negative ways.

I thought about and prayed for my two sons as well. They are both fathers. That they’d raise their children in the love and fear of the Lord.

Then I glanced straight ahead in church. I see a man hanging on a cross. I looked more intensely and mentally I say, “Yes, that’s my Jesus. How much my Heavenly Father must love me to send His only Son into the world to die such a shameful death that we all may have life - the fullness of life.” What greater love can we know? Yes, I pray Glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is Trinity Sunday. Those of us who are graced with this knowledge must share it with a world that seems pretty ignorant about the good news of salvation, however I don’t boast, I just review in my mind ‘Amazing grace how sweet thou art to save a wretch like me.’

Our Father who art in heaven thank you for this day, our daily bread. Thank you for your mercy. Help us to forgive others.

Our Father who art in heaven thank you for your kingdom, for your great power and all your heavenly glory that awaits us some day forever.

My Heavenly Father I love you, my earthly father in heaven, I love you too. Happy Father’s Day from your one and only daughter, Mary Anne.



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