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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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The wedding (07/24/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


Well, June 11, 2011 was the date so many of us marked on our calendars when Kristopher Zimmerman and Pam Ciszak would bring their courtship to a climax with the words :ĒI do.Ē Kris, Pam, their parents, the wedding party, and many others worked so hard to make this all happen in a most loving, beautiful way; sealing it so to speak, in the presence of God, family friends, and relatives with a sacramental marriage at St. Stanís Church, with Father Thomas Hargesheimer officiating. Iím glad they invited God into their marriage because it really takes three to make it work - a man, a woman, and God. Satan will try to show his ugly face now and then, but Kris and Pam will know God is the power pack of love, which we are all invited to tap into, to allow it to flow through us into the lives of our spouses and others, including our enemies (if we have any) or to forgive others 70x7. Of ourselves this canít happen, but amazing things happen if we invite God into the situation.

Yes, it does take humility to be able to do all this - look at the example of humility Jesus gave us as He died a shameful death hanging on a cross. Let that be our lesson - humility meeting humility equals love that generates from the very heart of Christ. On the other hand, pride is one of Satanís characteristics. He hopes youíll choose it. He surely has plenty to spare. Pride meeting up with more pride can become a disastrous situation in a marriage or otherwise.

Well, letís get back to the wedding. Kris asked me sometime before the wedding (since Iím his grandmother and godmother) if Iíd read the petitions (prayer intentions). My mind quickly wanted to reply no way, but my heart spoke differently. God said do this for Kris and Pam, I will help you, okay? Iíll think about it - where was my trust that Iím always preaching about? Well, it all did come together (God to my rescue), and I soon gave Kris a yes after Iíd invoked the prayers of many people. I began to gain confidence, observing carefully every time the petitions were read at daily Mass. Then came the rehearsal which prepared me for the final countdown.

Well, as time passes ever so quickly, I found myself at the wedding Mass waiting for the signal for me to mount the few steps leading to the pulpit. Then it came. I took with me the many prayers I had gathered up, along with the Holy Spirit. The next day was Pentecost, so He didnít mind coming a bit ahead of time to help me out. Father Tom was to do a short reading, and I was to follow. For some reason I guess he didnít notice me standing in the pulpit anxiously waiting, so he started doing my part as well, while Kris in a loud whisper said, ďFather, Father, Father.Ē Then Father Tom turned it over to me, blushing in shame. No big deal, Father Tom, I thought - better your mistake than mine. Ha. Besides that, it surely didnít hurt to pray for these intentions twice - our church, our country, and the world. All went well, and I came back to my pew with a smile on my face and a grateful heart. The smiles that greeted me seemed to say well done Mary. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Well, on with the celebration. The supper was delicious, the film enjoyable - it was about the lives of Kris, Pam, and their families - ending with conversation, music, and dancing. Oh yeah, they had some kissing game. Kris kept calling names of couples to come up in front of the wedding table to do the gesture of a kiss. By then I was getting tired and a bit irritable. I thought perhaps I should alert Kris I didnít want to participate in this little game. I thought, no, I think Iím safe. He knows better than to put me in the limelight for the second time, especially without asking me. Guess what? I was wrong. I hoped I wasnít hearing right when I heard the names Jim and Mary. The people all cheered us on, so I guess we didnít have a choice. It seemed like a day of making promises anyway, so it was good to share with so many people that weíd kept our marriage vow promises now for 59 years. Mike Padgett even allowed his head to be shaved in view of some promise heíd made to Kris a long time ago. It had something to do with Kris asking Pam for a date. Now they got married. Pay up time Mike said. Itís okay, Mike, your hair will grow again! Itís whatís inside that counts, just giving you a hard time. Pay back time for you to Mike.

So ended the wedding day of Kris and Pam. We all came together to wish them well and may God ever walk beside them in sickness and health, in joys and sorrows, till death do they part. Amen. 


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