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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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The pearl of great price (08/07/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


The pearl of great price, perhaps that means different things to people but in todayís Gospel (July 24) according to Matthew 13:44-52, itís plain to see it means finding God and the kingdom of heaven. Now wouldnít you just think every human being would be actively searching diligently for such a jewel? Unfortunately, not so. Mankind in so many ways is searching for something, donít recognize it to be God, but it is. God has told us He is the way, the truth and the life, so get to know this important figure that will lead the way, give you the truth and grace (help) you to live a life worthy of such a reward.

In this world we often play games or contests where only one person can cash in on the top prize. Not so with God. He wishes all to receive the gift of faith and salvation. He made heaven expandable as to accommodate every human being He ever created. Some seek this pearl of great price, while some are content with bits and pieces of worldly happiness, often listening to the lies of Satan the father of all lies. Quite the opposite of God, the Father of truth.

In replaying some games we get so many minutes to do this or that. With the game of life we get a lifetime. But lifetimes vary so we just donít know how long a span weíre looking at. Be thankful for each day, live each moment in the presence of God, fulfilling His will. Then you are already encountering the majesty of heaven. I think we all have had those experiences now and then feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit in such a powerful, unexplainable way. I personally have felt this encounter at Mercy Sunday celebrations, at our 50th wedding celebration, and most recently at my grandson Kris and Pamís wedding, and even more recently at todayís Mass. Our new priest, Father Jim Berning, just makes the Mass come alive as Iíve never experienced before. He gives the sermon with so much kindness and fortitude, then as he gives out Holy Communion saying ďBody of Christ,Ē then your name, it becomes so personal you feel with certainty you have indeed partaken of the body, blood, soul and divinity of Almighty God Himself. For a short time you will indeed have Him with you. The pearl of great price.

If only we would appreciate all that God gives us and does for us, it would be such a different world. Then it would be just the norm for everyone to be going in the right direction in search of the pearl of great price. As it is, mankind is going every which way so thereís bound to be clashes (differences) that cause wars, abortion, same sex marriages, murder of all kinds and the like. We just need to call out for Godís mercy and help, so much does He deserve we all find the great prize. We just need to march forward, put on the armor of God - prayer, fasting, almsgiving and the like. Above all, help those you encounter along the way. Parents help your children. Itís your responsibility to teach them how to search for the great pearl in the right way. Nothing is as priceless as a child. You will give that message to them as you lead the way to manís greatest treasure.

I am content to have found Jesus in my life. It is my prayer that you have found Him too. If not, begin the search right now for this great treasure. Again, He is the way, the truth, and the life. As we search we will have crosses to bear and sufferings to endure. We are tested in the fires of suffering. One day when we reach our destination of eternal joy we will remember our pain no more as God opens the door of heaven for us to claim the pearl of great price. Praise the Lord.



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