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  Sunday January 25th, 2015    

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Talking Tongues (08/07/2011)
By T.M. Schoewe

Did you ever realize the fact that most of us can talk is a great wonder? When you were born a doctor or nurse slapped your buttocks and your breathing enabled you to cry, and cry you did though there were no words to understand. But by about a year you were making some understandable sounds like “m” and “d”, mama and dada. By age five or six most of us were able to communicate and be understood in the vocabulary and grammar similar to our parents. You can talk! What a wonder!

Why? Because the vocal chords located in your “Adam’s Apple,” the larynx, make up a part of a speech runway. And when you exhale air directed through your vocal chords they vibrate, making sound that has pitch and quality. This sound is controlled by the tongue, lips and your oral cavity to form syllables and words. A great wonder we all take for granted! An even greater wonder is that all of the above is coordinated by the brain to make speech (sounds that make words) and language (words that communicate thoughts and ideas.)

So let’s talk about it! Words! We cannot do this without going back to that ancient story told in words. Behind those words stands the greatest wonder, THE WORD! By that WORD were the heavens made and the whole hosts of them and an earth with a lovely garden with two occupants and one with great intellect to give names to every animal and all the fowl in the air. Wow! Can you name them all?

A strange conversation is going on in this new creation. Of all the creatures in the animal world only one was able to talk. And so starts a conversation about a tree, about which the “WORD” had given one simple instruction. Discussion followed and before long doubt crept in and two wonderful tongues were engaged. That action brought down the threatened curse of death. So all humanity became a dying race, in a land where all are passing through on their way to the cemetery. Look at all the cemeteries. They’re everywhere. By nature now our tongues and children’s tongues are contaminated. The first offspring lies and kills his brother. We soon all learn it is easy to lie. It is hard to tell the truth. Harder still to tell the whole truth as you leave out a few facts that condemn you. Our tongues get us in all kinds of trouble, even with our friends and loved ones.

To enlarge the picture we are headed toward what is probably one of the most critical elections in our American history. Politicians are filling the air with words. Many of them have already taken oaths in one way or another to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.” But when we listen carefully we often find some facts missing or that some are actually false. And often those in office never seem to get around to doing what their tongues told us. So people have been saying to our politicians, “walk the talk!” Mr. President, Congress, “walk the talk.” We know they will say “we have to compromise” or “now is not the time.” Why repeat “yes we can” when we don’t know what’s in the can! Or worse, find out there is a hidden agenda of reckless spending. Walk the talk will never happen. So, “take a walk.” Time to go.

Well this is enough about “tongue problems.” What can we do about it? In the ancient story about THE WORD, there is a hint of deliverance from the curse that the tongues brought into this world. The head of the third party will be crushed and the heel of the deliverer will be bruised. The great prophet Isaiah, respected by Jews, Christians and even Muslims, says that a great Word would be wounded for our transgressions. He calls this WORD wonderful! And so you know that WORD came and “walked the talk” on the dusty streets of Palestine, even walked on Lake Galilee, speaking the words that feeds thousands and heals eyes and opens ears and frees tongues! He was captured by men of religion who lied about Him and was condemned by the tongue of a Roman Governor saying “what is truth?” He stumbled on the way to Golgotha to suffer the most terrible capital punishment by crucifixion. And where are all the disciples whose tongues said “we will never forsake you?” They are not around. They are in hiding! And in the midst of the cries “crucify Him” the wondrous WORD prays, “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing;” and we might add, “saying.”

You just read the absolution of the thoughts, words and deeds of this world including yours and mine! And herein is the help we all need everyday! Will this change Washington or the world? That will remain a question!

ONE THING WE CAN DO!!! Every day in our little worlds we need to die trying to “WALK THE TALK!”



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