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  Thursday January 29th, 2015    

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Satan invites us to hell (08/28/2011)
From: Mary Zimmerman


Satan invites us to hell. We receive many invites each day. We need to be accustomed to refute this invitation, even in a rude manner.

We must fight this furious battle. It takes place in our mind and is called “Battlefield of the mind.” Unlike the wars we are physically and financially involved in now, we know we can win the war Satan wages against us if we let God be our commander in chief. God is far more powerful than Satan.

Where does Satan invite us to? He doesn’t even have a house, just some big hole in the ground, the entertainment is some big bonfire, no air conditioning. I guess this summer’s hot weather gives us some idea about that condition. But even worse is, love doesn’t exist and most of all the absence of God. We will then know and understand that we were really destined for happiness with Him in heaven for all eternity. We will forever feel that pain (loss). Why would anyone opt to end up there anyway! Well, remember Satan is the father of lies and uses many ways to lure us into sin and then desperately tries to place a shield (a blindness) between the sin and God’s endless mercy.

I hesitate to write this letter, really I do, unless I’m helping someone escape the reality of hell and to decide who their best friend is. Remember what I wrote before. If you meet me and forget me you have lost nothing. If you meet God and forget Him you have lost everything, including reaping the harvest of heaven, the pearl of great price. Like I told my granddaughter yesterday, we need to get to know God. Who would want to spend eternity with a stranger? Get acquainted with God. He wants to be your very best friend

At church this morning the Holy Spirit spoke to me during the sermon, not audible, but it seemed so obvious God was pointing His finger at me and asking me to help in the work of salvation - a small context of the sermon “God is dragging a net in the ocean gathering up all kinds of fish, when it reaches shore the fish will be sorted.” I believe you know how this parable ends. The sermon went on to say God needs many apostles to influence fish (people) to be good. He’s asking you and me to do this. How will you respond? I answered “Yes, yes, Lord, I want to help save souls, just lead me Lord to know what I can do!” He replied, “Mary, I’ve given you the talent of writing. Use it for my honor and glory to help some souls.” “Oh yes, Lord, I’m so happy to oblige. You were so kind to heal me so many times of depression. You walked ever by my side as I carried the crosses of losing my children. Now I realize when there was only one set of footprints it was then that you carried me. You even died on the cross to be able to open up the doors of heaven for me, my dear family and the whole world if they so desire.”

It seems the world is getting a bit darker all the time. I can’t help wondering just how soon that net may come ashore. But take heart, let us all join God’s army and we will be victorious over Satan. Let’s get on our knees and ask God to create clean hearts in us all. Parents spend time teaching your children. The more they know about God the less they need to fear Satan or hell. Parents don’t underestimate the importance of your prayers for your children and of their prayers as well. Satan will insist on playing upon the souls of mankind. The kinds of temptation will be very strong at times. We need to shield ourselves ahead of time with prayer and keeping the commandments, etc.

When Satan comes knocking at your door he knows where we all live, we know where he lives too. Just address the temptation by saying, Satan go back to hell. Amen.



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