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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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A license to kill? (08/28/2011)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Why did it take several centuries for America to legalize the termination of a pregnancy? Did the decision of the Supreme Court change that which is immoral to that which is moral? Absolutely not! The taking of a human life was an abomination from the beginning of mankind and it should still be an abomination today.

Everyone has been given a conscience so everyone should realize that it is wrong to do away with someone. Taking a human life is breaking one of Godís commandments; however it is now a legal right (?) for a woman to take the life of her unborn baby.

We have convinced ourselves that the fetus in a motherís womb doesnít become a human being until the baby is outside the motherís womb. Of course this is an absolute lie. No one will ever be able to disprove that life begins at conception.

If a family member was arrested and incarcerated for a crime her or she did not commit, wouldnít we want this member of our family to be represented by competent legal counsel? Of course! If this person was unable to speak, we would make every effort to have this person represented by a good defense attorney.

Everyone has the right to legal representation, therefore if someone is unable to speak it becomes even more evident and necessary that this person needs someone to speak in his or her behalf, in his or her defense. Everyone should have the right to legal counsel, especially those who can not speak for themselves - the defenseless unborn.

We will procure all the necessary resources to protect this species or that species from being exterminated. Well, what measures are we taking to protect defenseless unborn babies from being exterminated? Shouldnít all human beings be given the right to live? Shouldnít a human being have preeminence (as to who has the right to live) over a little fish, snail, bird, sea turtle, etc.?

Why shouldnít unborn babies be given the same legal rights and protection as everyone else? Why isnít there a nationwide judicial decree to confirm that we have legal rights for defenseless unborn babies too? Without these legal rights many more defenseless unborn babies will continue to be denied their right to live.

The defenseless unborn babies are not guilty of any wrongdoing, so why isnít there (at least) a league of lawyers coming to their defense? Where are the angry voices of those who should be demanding protection of the unborn, the innocent, the defenseless?

What could be more disgusting than seeing several babies sitting in a court of law and there was no attorney to defend them, no one to appeal to the jury to try to save them from certain, horrific death? No, barbarity should not exist in any nation. The holocaust of ending the lives of the defenseless unborn should come to a swift end - today!

Saying that a blob (itís really an embryo or fetus) has been extracted from a motherís womb doesnít change the fact that a human being has been denied the right to live. This is a fact: there was a human being in the motherís womb and now (after having been exterminated) a human beingís life has been ended.

If a man purposely punches a pregnant woman in the abdomen and the unborn baby dies, this man would be convicted of premeditated, voluntary murder. However if a woman plans to take abortive measures to have her babyís life ended, she will not be convicted of any wrongdoing. Yes, we hardheartedly end the lives of the most helpless. Have we not become a cold-blooded nation?

The putting to death of an unborn baby would have been considered murder until 1973. Why is the putting to death of a defenseless human being no longer considered murder? We defend thugs, dictators, extortionists, and such, but the innocent and defenseless are not allowed their day in a court of law. Where is the extreme outrage of this crime of negligence? This non-representation of these innocent, voiceless and defenseless unborn babies is sickening, is criminal.

There should be a nationwide protest and insistence of an immediate abolishment of the brutal, inhuman law that has ended the lives of millions of defenseless unborn babies. There is a most urgent need for America to once again become a nation that protects every human being from diabolical extermination.

No one should be given a license to kill.



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