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  Saturday January 31st, 2015    

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Tolerance - a danger for America? (09/11/2011)

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Here is the scenario: One family member wants to steal anything that he wants. This young man knows that he is doing something that is wrong, but he insists that his brothers and sisters accept his criminal behavior. If his brothers and sisters approve of his wrongful behavior and follow in his footsteps, then he will be satisfied and he will not accuse his siblings of being intolerant of his thievery.

Next, this young man wants the school system to teach that it is normal for everyone to steal. This thieving brother will never become a happy camper unless everyone in America approves, accepts and practices his wrongful way of life. He is of this opinion: If everyone becomes a thief like me, then my conscience won’t bother me any more and now (since everyone is now a thief) no one will suffer the consequences of wrongdoing. Yah, right.

Now should any of his brothers and sisters try to convince him that he should not continue on with his wrongful behavior? Oh, no! They must not say anything negative about their brother’s waywardness. If the rest of the children would just go his wayward way, then all will be hunky-dory. Right? Wrong! They will all be doing what is obviously wrong.

All of us would be so much happier if we would approve of and experience the wrongdoer’s way of life. Everyone would be so certain that they were doing the right thing. Right? Wrong. Approval and adoption of that which is wrongful will not be good for anyone. Just because a young man enjoys doing something that is wrong, this person shouldn’t demand that the rest of humanity do as he does, yet those who are living a wrongful lifestyle are so insistent in demanding that everyone else take on their wrongful lifestyle too. Can’t they just say what the rest of the world would say, “You can live your way and we will live our way.” Said and done - finished. End of obsession!

Having everyone’s wrong become legal will never result in a more safe America. Legalizing wrong will only guarantee a more dangerous America. How can wrongdoing people think that their wrongful behavior is going to result in an improvement for their lives?...is going to improve the situation in America in a positive way?

Would it ever be wise to willingly do wrong? Of course not! And it is unthinkable that anyone would insist that everyone else do the wrong that he or she is doing. Yet if others do not approve, accept and do the wrong that some wrongdoers are doing, then these folks are certain to be labeled hateful, intolerant, wrong-phobic bigots. This kind of thinking is bewildering. Why would any wrongdoing thief insist that everyone else become a thief and why would this person become belligerent if other people rejected his wrongful lifestyle?

Everyone in America can choose to do what is right. Everyone in America can choose to do what is wrong. However, no one has the right to force a wrong way of life upon someone else, nor do they have the right to demand that the government officials of America legalize wrongdoing - including a lifestyle that is wrong.

If we are intolerant of wrongdoing (aberrant behavior), this intolerance is a right and absolutely necessary response to living wrongfully. Can anyone rightly say that we in America would be better off if all of us just did as we pleased? We would be putting ourselves in a dangerous environment if we would be foolish enough to believe in such inane reasoning. No, being tolerant of wrongdoing is never going to result in a good thing. After all, how will we ever put an end to that which is wrong if we tolerate that which is not good for us?

Once again, it will never be wrong to be intolerant of that which is not good for anyone. Becoming tolerant of wrongness (aberrant behavior) will set a very dangerous precedent for America or any other nation. As a result of tolerance for wrongfulness, America is becoming a nation where right is now wrong and wrong is now right. No one can deny that the aberrant state in America is not the result of tolerance for wrongful behavior. Yes, tolerance of wrongfulness has become a danger to America. 


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