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  Friday January 30th, 2015    

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Just another little heartsong (09/11/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


This week I received two notes of encouragement. Thank you ladies. I really need that now and then to continue the work God has asked me to do. Itís like God was speaking to me in all kindness, ďGo Mary go, run Mary run.Ē I say this in all simplicity, yes Lord, I can only run if you go and run with me and weíll not grow weary (but please let me sleep now and then). Together weíll reach into the hearts of souls, gathering them into the abode of your divine love and fathomless mercy. Lord, using me, such an unworthy servant, gives a glimmer of hope for everyone. No one needs to despair or be lost. Our Lord searches for each soul because we are all His pearl of great price.

Jesus says, ďCome to me my child, my love redeemed you from eternal punishment, the world abandons you but I donít. Just follow me. I am the way, the truth and the life.

ďI have made the world but even more beautiful and peaceful I have made heaven. Every single person Iíve created and will create, I long for this eternal place of joy for them. I beg, I plead, Iíve suffered and died. I cry tears for every single one of you. What more can I say or do? Now itís your turn to speak, just kindly talk to me (prayer), then Iíll know you do love me. If you ask me Iíll always walk beside you, even carry you across the bridges of life when you are too weak to continue. Just knock and my door opens. Iím always on call day or night.Ē God never sleeps you know. Isnít that mind-boggling? God never grows weary or tired in wanting and trying to help mankind. Well, maybe a little as He asks each of us to come into His vineyard. He has no hands, feet or voice but ours to do His work. Who would not want to be a part in salvation?

God first trains us for this important work. He will help us to do our best. We are to teach by our example (St. Francis said only use words when necessary.)

He requires of us not to be judgmental, nor to boast (thinking we are better than other people). Itís so easy to be critical about the mistakes of others, seemingly forgetting weíve made some too. God also asks of us to be a giving and forgiving person. I suppose all this is a pretty big order for our fallen human nature but God gives us so many graces to help us to do that. We so need to realize all is grace and we accomplish nothing without it, lest we falsely boast.

We always need to be aware of whatís really going to matter in the end. Donít let that thought evade your mind. What matters is how much we have in the vaults of heaven.

Itís not going to matter that much what you chose as your vocation or employment as long as you let God help you, His will for you according to the talent and abilities He has given you.

Whatís going to really matter in the end? Itís not gong to be how we scored in any sports, what size fish we may have caught, what kind of car we drive, or even if we own one.

Even in the end our sins arenít going to matter too much if weíve acknowledged them, providing we seek and accept Godís mercy. If only Adam and Eve would have given us a better example, right? Just like that we inherited original sin, but God planned a way to cleanse us from it...baptism, where would we be without God?

Itís said, do what you can do and God will do the rest. What a comfort to know there is help available to us from such a knowing, powerful, forgiving figure - Jesus Christ.



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