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  Wednesday December 17th, 2014    

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Feed my lambs, feed my sheep (09/18/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


God speaks, “You’re planting a lot of seeds, but you need to water and fertilize them as to yield a great harvest for my heavenly realm.” “Lord what do you mean?” “I need some display of your sincerity. You do your part and I’ll do mine. Feed my lambs, feed my sheep.”

Let’s begin here. Jesus asks His Apostle Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter of course answered, “Yes, Lord, I love you.” “Feed my lambs, feed my sheep.” Three times He posed that question. God surely must have been trying to make an important point. As these words trickle down into each of our lives we need to carefully discern how to react to them. Feed my lambs, feed my sheep.

The first hint to some understanding of this comes during the life of Jesus on Holy Thursday at the Last Supper. Before He died He washed the feet of His 12 Apostles and commanded us to do likewise. Basically He is asking us to help teach others in the world, be our brother’s keeper. So how does that affect you and me? This I can say for sure - if you open up your mind and heart to do this (God’s will), God will open up so many doors of opportunity than you can imagine. It’s up to us which doors to open first according to His plan. Of course He wants all His children to be properly fed, both physically and spiritually. God made me very aware of both of these and asked me to attend to them, the earthly food for stomachs and spiritual food for souls. Some of the world is starving for lack of both.

God agrees with parents first starting out with their children. The people God has committed to your care need your first concern. Depending on their age they may not want to be fed words anymore. Then even more so direct your words to God, then trust He hears and will answer them. Don’t forget love. Love has a great force for all ages. Remember, before Jesus asked Peter to feed His lambs and sheep, He posed the question do you love me? Love is the ingredient that keeps the family bonded together. Without it relationships crack, crumble and fall. The gateway for love to continue is basically channeled through our parents, then from sibling to sibling, other relatives and friends and the whole world, even our enemies if we have some. Haven’t we just come across the antidote to end war and finally experience peace?

We know God’s words are recorded in the Bible for tradition passed on to every one of us. First, do you love me? That’s the rock Jesus was talking about to Peter after Peter answered, “Yes, Lord, you know I love you.” “Peter, you are the rock upon which I will build my church.” To keep things moving in the right direction, to keep the rock solid, he also gave us the 10 Commandments. Again, it consists of love as the major factor. We are to get to know God, love Him and serve Him in this world, teach the children (listen up parents). Our reward will be to inherit heaven to be with God, the angels, saints, and our loved ones for all eternity - just one happy family.

Next is to love neighbor as yourself. This gets a little more complicated and perhaps some walk away with a heavy heart, especially after learning the meaning of neighbor - the person right next to you or the one living in the far corner of the world, even your enemies, you need to wish them well.

God is just basically saying if you keep these first two commandments, you’ll be well on your way to the truth, to a happy life, for God is the way, the truth and the life.

God is calling every one of us. All the Marys, Johns, Steves, Joes, and everyone else. “Do you love me? Feed my lambs, feed my sheep.” He’s referring to the homeless, those in hospitals, nursing homes, the sad, depressed, lonely, grieving. “I know them all by name but they don’t know me. Feed them all the good news of salvation as they journey the road of life. 


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