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  Saturday January 24th, 2015    

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Awards for drivel? (10/02/2011)

From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

Here is one dictionary’s definition of drivel: a steady flow of inane (moronic), idle or nonsensical speech or writing similar to what might be expected from a very young child or an idiot. Right on bro!

Why are we continuing to see and hear a deluge of trash on television and the motion picture screen? It is because people continue to watch and listen to that which should be an affront and an embarrassment to all of us. Much of what we see and hear on television and the motion picture screen is even beyond idiocy. What is spoken and seen does not portray an inkling of reality, of what people would really say or how they would really act.

Can any of us ever imagine ourselves boasting about having written such non-talented, lunatical trash? The unworldly characters come across as being kooky, deranged misfits. Can any of us ever imagine ourselves saying to anyone (family members, friends, etc.) that we are proud of the trash that we have written? Can any of us ever imagine that any person would say, “Wow! We are so impressed! You are such a gifted writer. What you have written is truly a masterpiece or classic?” No. But we can expect (if they have an inkling about reality and human characteristics) that they would be extremely bewildered as to why you thought that your writing was of any merit. No, worthless, inhuman trash is never going to be worthy of positive comment. No way.

Can we envision ourselves viewing one of these vomitory shows (shows that are void of any vestige of reality) and not becoming red-faced if mom, dad, grandpa or grandma caught us watching such worthless trash? These vomitory shows are filled with insanity and mumbo jumbo, have a stench about them that would make the animal kingdom upchuck.

How can we put an end to the smut that is portrayed and heard on television and the motion picture screen? We simply need to say to ourselves, “They have insulted us for too long! We will not give them the green light to continue on with their production of smutty programs.” It’s time to demand that these peddlers of smut start producing that which the entire family can watch together. If they continue to insult us with their idiotic trash, then we will refuse to watch what they have produced. If they realize that we are serious, then the television industry and the motion picture industry will be forced to produce watchable programs or they can choose to go belly up.

Unbelievably, they give awards to writers, actors, producers and directors of nauseating trash. These moronic, trashy shows should be an obvious insult to each person who watches them. Yes, we can turn to other channels if we don’t like what we see and hear, but there are far too many of us who don’t have enough sense to do this: turn the channel on these freakish shows.

We can understand giving awards for something that is good and wholesome, but it is heinous for us to give awards for drivel.

P.S. There should be a flashing neon sign when drivel is being shown saying: highly hazardous to humanity. 


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