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  Friday February 27th, 2015    

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What will heaven be like? (10/09/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


What is this place called heaven all about? Well, I really couldn’t tell you. I haven’t been there - yet - but there are people who claim they have been.

I fully intended to reread a book called “The Other Side.” As I started reading it for the second time I found myself marking something on almost every page that I thought you’d like to read and know about. People sharing their experiences on the other side makes this a most interesting book. It has been a real comfort to those who have lost loved ones to know how happy they must be. As I reread the book I realized I needed to make it at least a two part article, so the first will be more on just speculation, the next one on facts considered true. The author, Michael Brown, is a very reputable writer. What gives this whole message even more credibility is that I know someone personally that had a death experience. She is from Lake Charles, La. I just accidentally, or maybe it was meant to be, ordered what sounded like an interesting video. It so happened to be Sondra Abrahams bout with the other side. I was so fascinated with Sondra’s story that I invited her to come to Winona to give a talk several years ago. Many of you perhaps remember her. God asked her to go around speaking, not to her liking but I guess when you get orders from the boss Himself, it’s best to get moving.

About the time Sondra came I had one of my several bouts with depression, so wasn’t able to enjoy the whole event as I’d like to have.

What are the living conditions in heaven? I’d think quite accommodating. God said in heaven there are many mansions. Well that’s good. It should nicely accommodate my large family for all our special gatherings - a nice kitchen please! I’ll surely want to pack lunches for somebody, oh, I mean some hungry soul, make a pie now and then.

Then of course meeting the King and Queen (Jesus and Mary) will be so special and to meet up with family members - never to part again.

We really needn’t worry if we keep our eyes on Jesus and heaven. The heavenly bliss will be very easy to get used to, our early tears will be turned into joy. No one weeps in heaven, well maybe God and His Mother. They feel so responsible for all their earthly children and deliriously desire their salvation. Another reason for God’s sadness is when mankind refuses His special gifts - the gift of mercy, of grace, a baby, which some even decide to destroy (abortion), but that sin and every other one He wishes to supply the soul with His mercy if only they ask for it and accept it.

Once again, I really know so little about heaven but I know it’s a good place. When I was baking pies a few years ago someone said my cherry pies were worth dying for. Rather I’d say, heaven is worth dying for.

I think since we pretty much can mostly think in human terms, the thought of being reunited with our loved ones, all the angels and saints and God Himself should be enough to lure us on, even carry us over our bridges of life until one day we will know and see for ourselves what heaven is all about. Then we will know and say “heaven is for real.” Another book sharing experience of a little boy’s observance of heaven then lived to share them, he said it’s beautiful. And we will say that to God. We’ll say welcome home.

P.S. All for now. See you next week with “What Heaven is Really Like.” I’m so looking forward to filling you in on that information after I finish rereading The Other Side. I have this book available. Just call me 507-452-2570 or write me. $7 plus postage. 


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