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  Tuesday January 27th, 2015    

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Flea Party nostrums (10/16/2011)
By John Edstrom

Herman Cain’s climb up the Republican presidential candidate polls is interesting for a number of reasons. First of all, he has become the darling, at least for now, of the Tea Party, mainly because he is the most reliably conservative voice in that chorus as well as a more believable personality than many of the others. This is a rich and pleasing phenomenon for white conservatives who have gotten used to being accused of racism all these years for failing to subscribe to the big government program of the political left.

Best of all, it totally demolishes the meticulously constructed notion of liberals and the mainstream press of a bigoted Tea Party whose program of small government and low taxes is just a flimsy cover for their hatred of blacks and other minorities. Tea Party preference for Cain over, say, Texas Governor Rick Perry, blows this whole construct to smithereens and mercilessly and hilariously exposes the blind hypocrisy of those who advanced it in the first place. Hearing Herman Cain denounce the special place set aside for blacks by the left as the “Democrat Plantation” is a special added bonus.

If Cain accomplishes nothing else for his fellow Americans this election, it will be to cement in place the clear understanding that where you find people constantly harping and yapping on race, there you will find racism.

Unlike other candidates, and one of the reasons for his popularity, Cain has been willing to make concrete proposals to deal with our current malaise, in particularly his 9-9-9 tax program. It would replace the current Byzantine tax structure with a 9% corporate rate, a 9% personal income tax rate, and a 9% national sales tax. Eliminating deductions, loopholes, and payroll taxes, it would vastly simplify our tax system and enable most people to file on the proverbial post card. If this program were enacted and held to, it would permanently disable the ability of Washington and politicians to buy votes and reward supporters with the tax favors which make our present code run thousands of pages.

Compare this to the shameless demagoguery of President Obama, whose favorite tax nostrums, supposedly soaking the rich, will not touch our mountain of debt nor lower the deficit measurably. As Charles Krauthammer points out in The National Review, Oct.14, the millionaires and billionaires tax (somehow to be levied on individuals making over $200,000) would have reduced last year’s deficit from $1.29 to $1.21 trillion; the monstrous oil company loopholes would cover less than a half-days federal spending, and that wicked corporate jet depreciation – 100 hundred years of it wouldn’t cover one month of Medicare.

These are stupid arguments designed to appeal to the ignorant, who you can now observe marching under the Occupy Wall Street banner, dubbed the Flea Party by Ann Coulter. Obama makes these arguments knowingly and cynically. A government of the size and scope he wants, along the lines of the Euro-socialism currently threatening the entire world’s economy with its growing insolvency, can only be supported by an enormous new tax system on top of the rest of what we have, almost certainly a VAT, a type of national sales tax levied on the economy from top to bottom, from the purchase of raw materials to sales to consumers. It hits not just the rich, but everyone – hard!– so it can’t be unveiled until we are impossibly in debt and on the verge of collapse and anarchy.

The accumulation of that debt is surely the real main goal of Obama’s first term. Let it be his last.



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