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  Thursday February 26th, 2015    

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Dust on our Bible - dangerous? (10/16/2011)
From: David Foss

Galesville, Wis.

We have concern about insurance needs for our homes, vehicles, appliances, ourselves, etc. We are concerned about the maintenance on our vehicles, vision checkups, physical checkups, etc., but many (perhaps most) of us have little or no concern about reading our Bibles.

We read myriad books on just about anything, but the most important book of all is lying on our shelves collecting dust. Godís Word lies on our bookshelves unread, even though the Bible has Godís plan of salvation contained in it. The reading of Godís Bible could result in our spending eternity in a most joyous place - heaven.

Yes, we will double and triple check (do some research-investigation) about things that are not nearly as important as reading Godís Word. We will take time and effort to check this out or that out before we purchase a vehicle, appliance, sporting equipment, insurance plan, etc., yet many of us are unconcerned about whether or not our church is presenting the truth of Scripture. Why is it so important that we know this? Because where we spend eternity is at stake.

In our research we need to ask this question: Are we being fed Godís truth (His precepts) or are we being fed manís deception (manís precepts)? One leads to endless joy in heaven, but the other leads to eternal damnation. Therefore we need to wipe off the dust on our Bibles and do some earnest and thorough reading of our Bibles.

We can stubbornly and foolishly ignore the truth of Scripture, but where will this inaction take us after our last breath is taken? Anger (when someone witnesses to us) wonít help in removing ourselves from a cult or pagan religion. If we allow anger to take control of us, will such an unwise attitude save us from having to spend eternity where there is unending weeping and gnashing of teeth? Yes, we can remain angry and continue to believe in what our church is saying, however is it wise for us to believe in what man says or what God says? Yes, we must do some research (looking into Godís Word) to find out if we are being deceived. Remember what is at stake - eternity in heaven or eternity in hell.

God is not going to accept any excuses including this one: ďWell, nobody told me the truth. My church deceived me.Ē If we will just read our Bibles then we will know if we are being deceived or not.

If we were to talk to those who have left a false-teaching church, all of these individuals would emphatically say, ďWe praise the Lord for getting us out of a church where we were being deceived, where we were on our way to eternal damnation.Ē So we should never become angry at someone who witnesses to us about our need of the truth of Scripture and (of course) of our need of a Savior. Luke 1: 46-47 Of course there are many members of cults and pagan religions who also witness. This is why it is so important that we are knowledgeable in Godís Word. If we are attending a God-fearing, Bible-believing church, then all is well (if we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior), but if we find out that we are not attending a God-fearing, Bible-believing church (after we check out and verify what this witnessing person has said to us by Godís Word), then we should not be angry, we should be grateful and rejoice.

If we are attending a church where the reading, studying, and memorizing of Godís Word is not stressed or it is prohibited, then this is a sure indication that we need to make an immediate exit from such a deceptive church.

Is this a true statement? It doesnít matter which denomination we choose to attend because every denomination is presenting the truth of Scripture. No, this is not a true statement.

Whichever denomination has taught us from childhood to adulthood, we naturally assume that this denomination has been truthful and that the members of all the other denominations are being fed falsehood or that they are members of a cult or a pagan religion. Sadly, it is not often that we will leave a denomination which we have attended from childhood to adulthood, and then begin attending another denomination. Even so, there is an urgent need for an all-out exodus (departure) from denominations that are teaching falsehoods to denominations that are presenting the truth of Scripture.

Many churches are preaching the traditions and precepts of man. Many folks may get upset about this fact, but it can be easily proven. All we have to do to verify this fact is to read all of Godís Word and study it thoroughly. Having done this, most church goers would become aghast at whatever their denomination has been teaching. This is why it is of paramount importance that all of us open up Godís Word and study His Word meticulously and often, from Genesis chapter one to Revelation chapter twenty-two.

We must never let anyone convince us not to search for the truth of Scripture. Godís truth can only be found in the Bible. We must remember that a false-teaching church is leading us to a place where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth for eternity. Matthew 13: 41-42 Certainly none of us would want to go to such a horrible place. So if there is dust on our Bibles we could be (or we are) in extreme danger.

Ponder John 5:39 Matthew 24:4 Mark 13:5 Romans 16:18 Titus 1:10 2 Peter 2:1-3



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