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  Saturday January 24th, 2015    

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Is Ponder up to the task? (10/19/2011)
By John Edstrom

...if not, we’ll have the top pick to replace him next year

Well fans, who can remember when the Vikes last played on Sunday or Monday night and didn’t stink up the whole nation? You could tell it was going to be a long night when the Bears, using just two (2) receivers, beat double coverage for the Hester touchdown. That was essentially the Bears game plan – sell out to stop the pass rush because the Vikings can’t cover anybody anyway with their absurd Tampa Two defense which, by the way, is committed to Chinese torture and slow death by the short pass so as to prevent deep TD’s like Hester immediately caught Sunday night.

And when you only need two receivers, all the rest can be converted to fullbacks and blocking tight ends so that the vaunted Vikings run defense becomes as ineffective as the pass coverage. Wait till next Monday night when the Cheese brings a good passing offense to town. We’ll need surgical masks and sterile gloves to go near the TV. Where did Leslie Frazier ever acquire a reputation as a defensive coach?

It appears that Donovan McNabb truly is washed up, although you have to weep for the poor man who, struggling, sees his first two passes in the first offensive series dropped. He may have to practice throwing to the stone statues in the park if he keeps his job.

That now seems unlikely, and it appears that Christian Ponder has inherited the helm of this season’s Titanic wreck. He showed some flash mopping up against the Bears, but you have to ask why, with the game hopelessly out of reach, wasn’t he allowed to run the regular Vikes offense instead of throwing 12 or 15 straight passes against a Bears defense allowed to ignore the possibility of any sort of ground game.

I thought one of the reasons to bring in a McNabb was to allow the young guy a chance to acquire some seasoning. Expose him to a pass rush like that for very long and all he is going to acquire is some fractures. I will say that he was very impressive in avoiding the rush, but if he doesn’t receive a modicum of protection in his rookie season he will quickly turn into a useless jackrabbit and next May the Vikes will be looking for a new young QB to take the place of a gibbering and shell-shocked Ponder.

And they may have the top pick if Leslie Frazier and his coaching minions don’t find a way to turn this thing around.



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