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  Monday January 26th, 2015    

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Battlefield of the Mind (10/23/2011)

From: Mary Zimmerman


Battlefield of the Mind is a book by Joyce Meyer. Please allow me to introduce you to Joyce Meyer. She has written about 80 inspirational books, has CDs and all sorts of religious materials to help us in our worldly battles. She’s on TV Monday-Friday. I get her on channel 22, 5:30 a.m., Charter.

Joyce often mentions she wasn’t off to a good start in life. Her father sexually abused her about 200 times but she has put that behind her and says she has a good life now. Isn’t it just incredible what one person can do if they have God’s anointing? Her messages pretty much go all over the world. For all her experiences, including suffering, Joyce has a lot of wisdom to offer. I think God often works that way. He wishes for people to come forth with a message for others. In my little way I am focused on trying to do just that. I have experienced perhaps more than most people, losing six children (again, no pity party). Losing several babies I think has formed me into a faithful defender of human life, including being very opposed to abortion. That definitely is a battle in the mind that so many tend to lose, there have been millions of casualties, so sad.

Losing a 16-year-old child has taught me to tend to want to be engaged in young people’s lives, most especially my children. I treasure them and many other friends as my greatest joy of my life other than my relationship with Jesus. Duane had that characteristic as well. I guess that’s partly who I inherited it from. He had great love for all people and most especially empathy for those with problems. Duane himself had some but even in his young age there was something about him that made you realize he had a strong connection with God, which gave me strong hope in the end he won the battle for eternal life - heaven.

God prepared me to understand people with depression which is so misunderstood. Suffering with this terrible affliction can sometimes seem so hopeless. If we lose hope in this life we are in deep trouble. Faith, hope, love and trust have the ability to carry us over the bridges of life, including depression. It seems for awhile every time I got up I fell right back on my face. Now I am finally able, with God’s help (and many people praying for me), to find the light of peace and joy at the end of the dark tunnel. If the opportunity arises I want to give that same message to others, most especially young people. I think I now know the tools needed to overcome this fierce battle (in the mind) of depression. I just have to continue to keep using them myself, putting others first. Exercise love daily by being a giving, forgiving person, etc., and don’t forget prayer, that is the power pack most needed.

Well let’s talk about Joyce Meyer and not just Mary Zimmerman.

Joyce Meyer, with her husband, Dave, lives in St. Louis, Missouri. They have four grown children. Joyce and Dave travel most of the world trying to reach minds, hearts and stomachs with their many ministries. Joyce started out with just a small Bible study in her living room. I guess God has really doused her with His anointing. She now is one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers. All this came about after Joyce first passed through the gates of suffering. Mother Angelica (founder of EWTN - Eternal World Television Network) can also vouch for that. I recently heard her say when one is affected with suffering watch out, something good is about to happen.

I met Joyce Meyer about a year ago at Bible study, not in person, but through her books we read - “Me and My Big Mouth” and now “Battlefield of the Mind.” The first book talks a lot about the mouth, the second one how the mind operates and decides what words the mouth will speak. Will we say something hurtful and loud that will be murderous to kill the emotions of others or will our words come out as kind and loving to lift us up to move forward to do our part to build up God’s kingdom on earth.

It’s such a fierce battle at times to get rid of certain unwanted thoughts, replacing them with kind and loving ones. If we could all conquer and win this battle there would be an end to every war and conflict and peace would reign. 


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